The post about piercings!

LEFT– Right after I got my 2nd set of snake bites. RIGHT– A mock up I made years ago of my dream piercings.

While at my brothers the past weekend, my nephew & niece were all about my liprings. Trying to explain to children, isn’t the easiest, you get the constant ‘but whyyy’ question, but it certainly got me thinking. I don’t know how, when or why my love of piercings came about, I just know that for as long as I can remember, they’ve always fascinated me.

Trying to decide what to get pierced.

I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was in year 5 of school, so around 10. My next piercing wasn’t until many years later, though I remember really wanting to get my tongue pierced when I was 15, but I couldn’t as I was underage. I self-pierced a 2nd & 3rd hole in my right lobe. Soon after the my 18th birthday (2005), I got my labret!

I fell in love. My next set of piercings were my ‘snakebites’, which my grandmother paid for! My parents have never been overly fond of my piercings, but are accepting. My mother has asked me not to get my tongue or eyebrow pierced and I’ve kept to her wishes. The next piercing I went for was my septum. I’ve always loved the look of septums, but was a little worried about getting one. I had actually wimped out on getting my nostril pierced many years earlier, and here I was getting my septum. Oddly enough, it wasn’t that painful. Next on my list was my right nipple, which I retired not too long after having it pierced as it was pierced to deep and was never going to heal.

My most painful piercing came next, it was a kind of spur of the moment piercing, but I thought it kind of adorable. It was my smiley. I kept that in for a few months, but ended up retiring it, Adam never really liked it and he would always complain it looked like I had a gap in my teeth when I smiled. Piercings were becoming a lot more popular, and I was getting the craving again for something different, so I retired my labret, and went to get another set of snakebites. Though, I’m never sure what to call them, double snake bites? Double spider bites? So many different names! The last piercing I got, was around 2 years ago, and that was my left nipple, which healed perfectly.

Left – Cheek anchors by First Blood. Right – Padme anchors on Elizabeth

If you could have any piercings, what would they be? – The image up the top of the post is a graphic I made many many years ago, about my dream piercings. I’ve always wanted my cheek pierced, but I am too much of a wuss. However, I have been considering getting them done with dermal anchors. I also love the Padme anchors. I’ve been considering getting my right nipple re-pierced (I like symmetry) and my philtrum. I’m really interested in anchors and have a few places I would love to have them.

Does your jewellery rub against/eat away at your gums or knock on your teeth? – Not anymore. For a long time, I wore metal jewellery in my mouth and it was causing a huge indentation on the inside of my gum. I ended up changing to bioplast, which is basically a hard plastic. No more knocking on teeth and my gums are still great.

Did that/they hurt!? – Yes. It wasn’t a crazy pain though, always bearable. Every one was different. My most painful being my Smiley, I think because it’s also in quite an awkward position to pierce. Least painful was probably my labret.

Do you ever bite your lip rings or lose them? – I used to lose my lip rings alllll the time when I wore i’ve not had any problems since I changed over to bioplast. Every now and then i’ll accidently bite down on the inside of my lipring, and of course seeing I wear the teeeeniest studs, I have had them pull straight through my lip. Yes, it hurts, but it’s only a quick pain and once everything is in place again, it’s no problems.

Why do you have piercings? – I don’t think there is one easy way to answer this. I just love them, i’m drawn to them. I find them visually appealing. So many people have there ears pierced, to me, it’s just an extension of that. A form of adornment, of dressing. As long as I remember, they’ve fascinated me, and sometimes I think i’d have a lot more if I had more confidence.

Septum rings by Body Vision

I dream of owning a septum ring from Body Visions, I don’t always wear my septum ring, but I would never take it out if I had something as beautiful as the above. I’d also like to collect Anatometal jewelry. You only have to look at their facebook gallery to see how beautiful it is.

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