OOTD – Blah.

I’ve been feeling really uninspired with dressing as of late. I seem to be sticking to comfort and clothing that hides the strapping on my foot. Not to mention, Sydney weather. It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s raining, it’s cold, it’s flooding. It really cannot make up it’s mind. This is what I wore yesterday, minus the coat, I just wanted to show it off because I am IN LOVE with it.

Sadly, the coat isn’t mine. It’s my Mothers, but it fits me like a dream. The most gorgeous colour of pink, with back pleats. It makes me feel like a female Doctor Who.  As I have to go and see a specialist for my foot (and wrist), nothing has been done other then having them strapped. I find these boots I picked up the other week back (More info HERE) to be really good. They are sturdy and support my ankle. Its actually the underside of my foot that’s fractured, and the slight incline of the heel makes it a lot more comfy then a flat shoe.

Oh, yes, my belt hangs rather unfortunately.  I usually have it tucked up, but I didn’t bother with it yesterday. Oh well. I will no longer complain about having to take my own outfit photos again. I’ve learnt that it’s much harder to take outfit photos of yourself when you’re in pain. You should see some of the faces i’m pulling in some of the photos. You’d have nightmares!

  • JACKET – Vintage
  • UNDERSHIRT – Decorous Body Tee in Very Berry – c/o TS14+
  • PANTS – City Chic
  • BELT – Big W
  • SHOES – Soles via Santini

It started to rain, so I took a couple of photos of my make up inside. That is why I look orange! Oh, and Mr Frodo was watching me in confusion.