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I’m broken!

No, I haven’t finally lost my marbles and broke down, I have however got most of the results back from numerous visits to the local ‘medical imaging center’. You may remember I posted about three weeks ago (here) that I fell down the stairs & hurt myself. Well, since then, i’ve had X-rays on my wrist & both feet, as well as ct scans on my wrist and foot. Turns out, my left wrist and right foot are fractured! Joy of all joys!

The images are of the ct scans I had done, when I picked up the scans I was surprised at how heavy the package was. There are about 20 pages of a3 pictures of my bones. Is it weird I kind of want to frame one? So now, I have to see a hand & foot specialist. The letter mentions I may need an operation, but I guess that is where the specialist comes in, they need to assess the damage and figure out the next step should be. I’m pretty over the pain right now though.

That is my unhappy face, i’ve named the picture ‘Oh hai blackheads!’. I hope you are all doing well! Send me some healing vibes please!