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If you really knew me…

There has been a lot of these posts floating around the blogosphere, and seeing as I’m kind of in a blogging slump, with my head being caught up in unpacking and such, I thought I’d join in.

You’d know that I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by nature and animals. That being said, I like to have the modern conveniences of toilets, running water and internet. I’d love to just live in a beautiful house in the middle of a forest.

You’d know that I don’t feel like ‘me’ without coloured hair. When I’ve tried going back to a more ‘natural’ colour, I get depressed. I tend to always go back to pink and aqua, but I’ve tried pretty much every colour. I do not suit being a blonde, no matter how much I wish I did. I currently have 10 piercings (3 right lobe, 1 right lobe, septum, 4 in my lip, left nipple) and 3 retired (Labret, smiley and right nipple).

You’d know that I’m quite painfully shy in real life, I have a hard time making friends because of this. I tend to sit back and watch in social situations instead of participate. I go out of my way to try and please people and I tend to put other peoples happiness before my own.

You’d know that I like animals more then most humans. I abhor breed stigma. My favourite animals are pythons, owls, llamas and hippos. My dog Frodo is the love of my life.

You’d know that I’m a bit geeky, but I don’t feel like I’m smart enough, or that I have enough knowledge of certain fandoms to be considered a geek. I don’t read comics, but am a huge fan of certain books, tv series and movies. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite TV shows ever. Labyrinth is my favourite movie, followed by Lord of the Rings. I can never decide on a favourite book. I tend to read between 50-80 books a year.

You’d know I used to run Australia’s biggest Twilight fan site. I started it before the movie was released and it grew to be massive. I appeared in magazines & newspapers, as well as a few tv shows. It opened my world to some great things, working at conventions, amazing friends, and being able to say I spent a weekend with Taylor Lautner. 😛

You’d also know that Peter Pan means more to me then I can properly express into words, for many reasons. Nana is my favourite character.

You’d know I’m a huge believer in LGBT rights, it is one thing I have a terrible time at biting my tongue about and I will often get into ‘heated debates’ with my Father about it. While my major relationships have been with men, I identify as pan-sexual. I believe you fall in love with a person, not their gender and I believe that everybody has the right to love, marriage and children.

You’d know that I think too much, my head has a hard time shutting down. I ‘suffer’ from mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder being the prominent issue. I’m a recovered/ing self-injurer and bulimic. I also have spinal stenosis.

You’d also know that I have a crazy obsession with shoes, my favourite colour is pink, I don’t like the word ‘moist’ and I’m allergic to all kinds of nuts.