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Fashionable glasses!

While you don’t see them in most outfit posts, I wear glasses whenever I leave the house. I’m fine with short distances, but as soon as I get out the front door and look up the street, everything becomes blurry. For the past 2 years, I had one pair of rather plain glasses, that was until my sister introduced me to the world of amazing glasses. Or maybe the blame should lay on Dani at John Granata Optometrists for introducing my sister to that world.

Trying on some of the frames at John Granata Optometrist last October.

Where ever that blame lays though, the world of glasses can be a pretty amazing place. Colours, designs & embellishments that will leave pretty much anyone ohhing and ahhhhing. I’ve found glasses can be somewhat troublesome for me, seeing as I’ve got a fat face. A lot of glasses tend to look too small and narrow on me. I’ve found that I love the way anything with a slight cats eye looks on me.

At the optometrist, I feel in love with one designer the most. Jono Hennesy. While they only had a few designs, I found that they were all to my liking, but no pair was ‘the one’. I took note of the name though, and when I got home, I wrote my first company out reach email. Oh how nerve racking that was for me. I don’t usually contact brands, but I was so happy that my email was received well and after many emails, I felt so amazed when I was gifted these babies at the start of this year.

I still need to go and get my prescription lenses put in them, hence why they still have the sticker on the front, but I’m in love with them. I mean, they are BRIGHT PINK! I’ll be doing a post about Jono Hennessy in the next few weeks, because I really want to share more about this company and their designs.

These are the glasses I walked away with from the Optometrists. My sister has exactly the same pair in black, so I decided to mix it up a little with this coloured pair. It’s a really gorgeous colour in real life, an indigo blue. The cost a pretty penny, thank heavens for layby, but I really do love them!

I was contacted earlier this year (It feels so weird to say that, where has this year gone!) by Clearly Contacts offering up a coupon to try their service will a free pair of glasses. I decided to  try them because I was now left with 2 pairs of bright coloured glasses. What about those days when I just want a pair of black glasses? I decided on this pair and ordered them. The one thing that annoys me about ordering online is  that you can’t try them on, the Clearly Contacts site does have a feature where you can upload your picture and the glasses are added over your face, but it’s still not the same. You can also input your frame measurements and it suggests the best frames for you.

I then purchased these glasses from Clearly Contacts when they went on sale. Tortiseshell with a hint of pink. They don’t have these coloured anymore, but they still have the tortoisehell HERE. Both sets of glasses from Clearly Contacts are by Derek Cardigan. I was really impressed actually, considering the prices, I wasn’t expecting too much, but they are pretty good quality and I find i’m not so paranoid about if I drop them (Remember, i’m clumsy!). The black pair above i’m actually looking forward to using once I finally buy myself a new bicycle. I think they are a great alternative for ‘fashion’ glasses, glasses that are ‘in’ right now, and you want to jump on the trend, but don’t want to outlay $400.

Picture outtakes! The middle bottom one amuses me!

So yes, i’m now proud owner 4 pairs of glasses. You’ll be seeing more of these ones in the future, I can’t wait to get my script in my pink Jono glasses. Oh, and if you’re in Sydney, I’d really recommend John Granata Optometrist if you’re in need of some new glasses. They have THE MOST AMAZING selection and the team is amazing!

NOTE: The Jono Hennessy glasses frames were gifted to me & I was sent a coupon for one pair of free glasses+prescriptions from Clearly Contacts.