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In the Dressing Room – Best & Less

When I was younger, my Mum would have to drag me into Best and Less, these days, it’s more like the other way around. I’m a huge fan of the ‘Lily & Lou’ range, 9 times out of 10, it’s bang on trend & reasonably priced. I wanted to show off a few of the things that are in store at the moment. Please excuse the somber expression, I was feeling pretty sick the day I took the photos.

Skater dresses! I tried on the red, in a size 22 and it fit pretty perfectly. I loved the sleeve length on it, but the skirt area isn’t as full as I usually like my skater dresses. I like to have a pleat in the front/middle area, without it, it made it a lot more form fitting. The material was thick, but not as thick as the City Chic skater dresses. I LOVE the contrasting colours top, I’ve been enjoying the mint colour that is in. I tried the top on in a 24 (I wanted it oversized) and it was really oversized, I would probably go the 22 if I was to buy it. The jacket is amazing, but I find the jackets always seem too big on me, I am smaller up top and even the size 18 looked a little too oversized.

Red and blue skater dresses. Bright pink and teal skinny jeans. Mint and Blue shorts. Hello pretty colours!

I tried on a pair of jeans and I have to say, I was debating with myself over buying them. The colour is an amazing bright pink, the material is thick and rather warm, they are accented with gold fastening and zippers. I tried them on in the 22 and this is how they fit, pretty comfortably, but more on the tight side, as apposed to Big W’s 22 which was baggy. So if you may have to size up. I was really impressed with these and i’m now kind of wishing I had bought them. (I’m trying to save with having to move)

Pricing wise, I think it was great value. The jeans were $35, skater dresses $35, contrasting jacket was also $35 and the mint contrast top was $25. For those who aren’t too fond on bright colours, they also have stuff in more neutral colours and super sassy leopard print. They have a leopard print maxi skirt that kept catching my eye, oh and a polka dot shirt!