Cat Update!

If you follow my facebook or Instagram, then you already know just how well Tonka is settling in. He’s adapted better then I could have imagined and I’m thrilled. I’m starting to learn more and more about his personality. He LOVES to talk, he also LOVES to eat. He sleeps under the blankets, cuddled up right next to me. He is a major sook and doesn’t like to be left alone, in fact, he’ll often ‘tell me off’ when I come back in the room. He is a purring machine, loves his scratching post and would probably get at least a bronze medal at gymnastics and high jump if the kitty Olympics existed.

Mr Frodo and him are become buddies, at first they just kind of ignored each other, but slowly they are become more and more friendly. Frodo has been trying to clean Tonka’s eyes, and Tonka likes to rub himself all over Frodo and sometimes even sits on top of him.

I took out Pet Insurence today for them both. Seeing Frodo is 10, he can only be covered for ‘accidents’, but I at least have Tonka covered for a majority of things. While i’ve been lucky that my parents have been able to help with Frodo’s problems, it’s just really made me think about the future health of Tonka. While I can afford the fortnightly payments for health cover, I don’t have the money for lump sums should the occasion arise. I also know i’m not the best at saving, so I felt this was the best way.

My parents have both fallen in love with him, my Dad who, as he will say “is not a cat person” seems to adore him. Good news is, my Mum hasn’t had any allergies so far, even after having him rub himself all over her demanding pats!