Everyday,  Personal


After getting over food poisoning & the periods from hell, it seems that depression has decided to come and pay me a visit. Thanks head. I’ve been doing pretty well mentally lately, I think i’ve been too busy to be anything otherwise. Packing, packing, playing with my animals, packing, writing, designing, packing. I know though, that I often push emotions to the side, bury them deep, and eventually they come at me, not leaving me any choice but to face them.

I have an appointment with my (wonderful, amazing, great) psych on Monday, and i’ve been taking up some of the suggestions left on my facebook page. In the past few day’s I’ve read the first 4 books in Nalini Singhs Pyh/Changeling series. I’m about to go lay in bed and watch the newest episodes of one of my new favourite shows, Bunheads.

You’d think that after having a mental illness for so long, you’d get used to it, but I don’t think you ever do. I do think the fact I can open up and acknowledge it, is a big growing step though.