Aussie Curves – Bold Nails

Yesterday was the first day I really felt well enough to get up and dressed properly. Food poisoning really isn’t fun. I think you can tell in these photos that i’m still not feeling 100%, but I really wanted to participate in this weeks Aussie Curves posts.

This weeks theme: BOLD NAILS. Rather easy for me, as I tend to prefer a bright nail polish. I had originally planned on orange glitter, with orange tips, but of course, it smudged. So I just went with my trusted favourite, fruit tingle by Ultra3.

I love this jumper, it set me back $35 at this little straight sized store in Penrith, I can’t remember what it’s called now though. I’m not a huge fan of green, but this was love at first sight. I’ve pulled a thread in it already, so I’ve been wearing it tied up at the front.

I picked this City Chic skater dress up on sale, but I accidently bought the wrong size and the top half is way too big on me. I’ve been debating selling it, but i’ve been using it as a layering piece as it’s so warm.

  • COLLARED SHIRT – Dorothy Perkins
  • SKATER DRESS – City Chic
  • JUMPER – Random Store (I can’t remember, sorry!)
  • SHOES – K-mart
  • LARGE RING – Diva
  • STACK RINGS – Sportsgirl