Weekly Wishlist

I’ve been trying, to moderate success to save my money. I’m honest is saying I’m not good at saving money, I spent. I see something pretty I like & I buy it. It is one of the side effects of one of my mental conditions, and while it is frustrating it’s one of the better side effects. Saying that though, I’m not in debt, we have food on the table & the bills are paid. I’m currently trying to save to do a correspondence course (or three!)

I have still been online window shopping, and here is this weeks wishlist!!

  1. Avenue – Sequin Skirt – On Sale for $14.99 us (Dosen’t ship to Australia)
  2. Avenue – All over sequin dress – On sale $34.99 us (Dosen’t ship to Australia)
  3. Urban Outfitters – Mineral Earrings – $24.00 us
  4. City Chic – Spotted Polly Dress – $129.95 au
  5. Does Not Equal – Upward Cross Earrings – $90 au
  6. Does Not Equal –  Single Upward Cross Necklace – $95 au
  7. DimePiece – X-Ray Mickey Tunic –  $52 us
  8. ModCloth – A little bliss flat – $24.99 us