Everyday,  Personal

Quick pics & some ramblings!

I’m working on 4 hours sleep in the last 40 odd hours. I’m hoping i’ll sleep soon but I’m so wound up & stressed that I can’t seem to relax. If all else fails, i’ll pullĀ Adam’s bean bag out into the garden tomorrow and nap in the open air (under shade of course, I burn with in minutes!).

I cried so much today, it’s a mixture of things. I’m stressed about one of the design jobs I’m doing, I’m stressed about money. I’m depressed & frustrated about my mental illness, which is somewhat amusing. I want to study, but I need a steady job to pay for the studies, but I can’t seem to get a job. Jobs are hard to come by these days, I know. I miss working. Then again, it’s also hard for me due to my problems, the fact that I can’t do some things a lot of people take for granted.

This year, i’ve been trying to set some goals for myself. I’m going to focus on my health. I did pretty well last year, but I really should have some of the tests I have been putting off. I need to get some help with my polycystic ovaries. I need to talk to my doctor about how ‘the pill’ is effecting me, is it making me even more emotional? I need to get tests done for my circulation and I need to see an rheumatologist. I should also continue on my quest to find an Adelaide psych.

I’m just feeling a little down, but slowly and righting back up again with the little things. This is the first time Henry has ever seen someone cry & he seems to have decided tears are tasty! He can be a super sook, and seeing I was out most of today, he decided he had to lay in my lap like a baby. It’s so great to see him getting along with the other dogs. Of course Frodo has been getting a little jealous, but then lapping up any extra attention he’s been getting. I don’t think anything in the world can make me happier then animals can.

Henry has decided he likes to sleep in the dogs cretes!

Frodo & Ginny decided to kill one of their toys, with very Henry looking stuffing!

Bored the other night, a quick character design mock up.