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OOTD – Pink!!

January 18, 2011

I’m back to my natural hair colour! I spent a majority of last year rocking purple hair for something different, but i’ve been craving to get back to my roots for a while. Ahah, yeah, I know, pink isn’t the colour hair I was born with, but to me, pink IS my hair colour!

I’ve had a few people ask what colour hair dye I use for my pink. I use Fudge – Pretty Flamingo. It’s the easiest to find here in Australia and pretty reasonable in price. I find it sticks well to my hair & i’ve picked up a few tricks over the year. Would anyone be interested in a hair colour tips post?

This year, I’m going to trying to step outside the box. This outfit has two things I would not normally do. No black & it’s quite short. If I was to go out shopping or such, i’d probably put on some stockings or tights. If I was going out of a night or a party, I may just keep it as is!

I know a lot of people dislike the flower crowns, but I’m in heaven! I’ve always been a little goth, a little hippy, a little gypsy. How do you think I got the nickname Natatree!? Hugging trees of course!

I picked me up this City Chic dress in the after Christmas sales with money from my In-Laws. It’s so feminine & pretty! I love the sleeves! When I originally went in to City Chic with my Mum, she wasn’t too fond on it, didn’t think it was me. I went in a few days later & tried it on & promptly bought it. For $30, I couldn’t resist!

  • Dress – City Chic – Size XXL
  • Belt – City Chic
  • Shoes – Rubi Shoes – Size 39
  • Flower Crown – Sportsgirl
  • Necklace – A mix of Diva & Sportsgirl

  • Thumbs up for your new-hair colour. I love how vibrant it is. It really suits you. I’m loving flower crowns at the moment too. I wore one to a blogger meetup on the weekend and everyone just went nuts.

  • Well i’ll say it’s a mighty good resolution because you look refreshing and pretty. And yes i would say pink is you and you is pink!

  • Anonymous

    You look so feminine and pretty 🙂
    I love that dress but it just didn’t suit my shape, it looks amaaaaaaaazing on you!
    I’d love a hair dye post 🙂

  • Lou

    You look amazing love. Pink is definitely your natural hair colour. I think I have some pretty flamingo sitting around here somewhere. If I find it I’ll get it over to you 😀

  • Rai

    Gorgeous! And I think our minds are on the same track, I’m dying my hair pink today!! x

  • I would _totally_ be interested in a tips and tricks post/info/stuff, after I get back from Thailand I am dying my hair purple, and I’d love to hear what you’ve found works…

    I adore that dress on you too, It’s a beautiful dress, I almost picked it up myself, but the colour just doesn’t look right on me… 🙁

  • Mulford22

    Love the hair & I do like the dress on you. On the coat hanger no.

  • Pixie Needle at Sewing Pixie

    I love this hair color and the dress is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache.

  • oh yea girl that’s YOUR COLOR!

  • yay for pink hair! every year i dye my hair pink then decide it doesnt suit me lol
    that dress is very pretty 🙂

  • OMG! I love your outfit! You look like a pretty pink fairy! Pink is definitely your color…love, love, love! 😀


  • Anonymous

    You look amazing! The dress just looks so fabulous on you.

  • Jerilyn

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the soft color and rufflie textures!

  • Pretty in pink! I would never wear a flower crown — only because I would look ridiculous and people would make fun of me. YOU! pull it off and are pretty as a princess.

  • pretty flamingo never looks that good on me! i’m always rockin’ the pink moon.

  • The flower crowns you’ve made look awesome! I keep thinking I should try making one of my own, but I can never be bothered! It’s times like this I miss working in a craft store!

  • Aww thank you! Pink is my favourite colour, it’s the colour that I feel most comfortable in.

  • I wasn’t too sure how it’d look on. I took both the L & XL in to try but found I like the way it draped more in the XL. Babydoll seem to suit me & because it’s rather low cut, makes my B-cup boobs look a little bigger 😛

  • Oh, sweet!

    P.S – I miss you!

  • Yay for pink hair! It really is the best!

  • Hair dye post is now on my list of posts to do, so keep an eye out!

    I was suprised it looked good on me, to be honest. I don’t often wear light colours but I thought i’d give it a try.

  • <3 <3 <3

  • EEEE!! Yes it is 😀

  • Thank you! I’ve been dying it pink for years now, sometimes it makes my face look a little red, but my family prefer me with the pinks, red & orange hues more then blues & prples.

  • Aw, thank you sweety! I’d love to be a really fairy! <3

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you, the colour is so pretty, its what originally drew me to it.

  • Aw, thank you. Sometimes I’m a little self concious & don’t feel up to wearing them. Other times I really don’t care & embrace my individuality. I blame being a Gemini!

  • I sometimes use pink moon but it’s a lot lighter on me, very fairyfloss coloured. I still had the pale lavender in my hair & didn’t want to bleach it out, so I went with the pretty flamingo.

  • Sarah

    I am late to the party but this is an absolutely perfect look for you Natalie! The crown is the perfect accessory for such an outfit.
    Wished I could gush more but it might sound too full on 🙂

  • 2manycupcakesau

    I love that dress! I want it! Gorgeous stuff.

  • OMG Where is the charm from on the far right?! So pretty I want it!! Also I love the dress!!

  • Sportsgirl! It came on a really flimsy necklace (the chain broke like 5 times) but I loved the crystal so much, it didn’t bother me. Got it a fortnight ago, was $15 or $20.

  • Oh I hope they still have them! It’s so pretty!