OOTD – Pink!!

I’m back to my natural hair colour! I spent a majority of last year rocking purple hair for something different, but i’ve been craving to get back to my roots for a while. Ahah, yeah, I know, pink isn’t the colour hair I was born with, but to me, pink IS my hair colour!

I’ve had a few people ask what colour hair dye I use for my pink. I use Fudge – Pretty Flamingo. It’s the easiest to find here in Australia and pretty reasonable in price. I find it sticks well to my hair & i’ve picked up a few tricks over the year. Would anyone be interested in a hair colour tips post?

This year, I’m going to trying to step outside the box. This outfit has two things I would not normally do. No black & it’s quite short. If I was to go out shopping or such, i’d probably put on some stockings or tights. If I was going out of a night or a party, I may just keep it as is!

I know a lot of people dislike the flower crowns, but I’m in heaven! I’ve always been a little goth, a little hippy, a little gypsy. How do you think I got the nickname Natatree!? Hugging trees of course!

I picked me up this City Chic dress in the after Christmas sales with money from my In-Laws. It’s so feminine & pretty! I love the sleeves! When I originally went in to City Chic with my Mum, she wasn’t too fond on it, didn’t think it was me. I went in a few days later & tried it on & promptly bought it. For $30, I couldn’t resist!

  • Dress – City Chic – Size XXL
  • Belt – City Chic
  • Shoes – Rubi Shoes – Size 39
  • Flower Crown – Sportsgirl
  • Necklace – A mix of Diva & Sportsgirl