5 minute fashion!

I’ve recently fallen in love with Danimezza’s blog! A fellow Australian blogger, this girl has some amazing taste! Recently she posted about an imaginary online shopping trip. If you had 5 minutes in 1 online store & a limitless amount of funds, what would you buy?

It got me thinking! With such timing restraints would I just go nuts and put everything in? I don’t have time to think about the outfit over & over & over again like I usually do. So I decided to give it a try!

I too decided on ASOS, I LOVE ASOS and it’s usually the first online store I look at if I have any extra cash! (Just looked it up, I’ve placed 8 orders in the past 6 months!)

It’s harder then I expected! I timed myself and when I hit the 5 minute mark I was thinking “Awww, but I still haven’t looked at the jewellery!”

I picked out 13 items with a total of $875.79

The clothing I picked doesn’t surprise me. Most of the items (bar the purple skinny jeans) have been on my wishlist for awhile. The shoes however were interesting choices! The glitter flats came in at $224.12 (US) a price I would never pay. I don’t know what drew me to the DKNY Lace up Hiker Boots, I think it’s the colouring. They aren’t something I’d normally buy due to the price & the colour, but I do like them!

5 minutes, your favourite store, imaginary money and… GO!!!

Then go to Danimezza page & show her what you got!!