Small OOTD & health update!

This year (as I think I mentioned) I had decided to get all my health problems I’ve been putting off, up to date. So of course, what happens, I get really sick! I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around 2 years ago, fortunately I’ve been able to keep it under control with diet. However, the past 10 days, it’s not dropped under 11, hitting a high of 20 (which is BAD). Now, when it’s that high, I feel sick. The worst, is just the feeling of being over everything. I did not want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to go shopping. I didn’t want to do anything. You can tell i’m really sick when I don’t want to go shopping!

Sunday night/ Monday morning was the worse. Seeing I’d been sleeping oddly, I actually forgot my head meds, and I just couldn’t stop crying. My OCD was the worst I’d ever suffered & just blah. So, Monday night, off I went to the doctors. My normal doctor is still on Holidays, so I just saw the next avilable doctor. Buh, I’ve had him before and he doesn’t seem to believe in mental illness. I got sent for blood tests. Ah! I hate blood tests! I have veins that like to hide, and then they don’t like giving out blood! Nothing out of my right arm, my left arm started bleeding, but the lady was in an awkward position & was shaking (I thought it was me), she ended up losing the vein. We have our fingers crossed that they can use the blood to get half the tests needed. I’m going back next Monday to see MY doctor (who I love!) and see what she says.

I never want to get dressed when I’m sick, on top of that, it was 43°c  (109.4 °f) so, just a little burning hot! I just threw on a slip with one of my oversized over-costume top things! Yes, it’s slightly muumuu-ish, but it was cool & comfortable. I figured I’d take a couple of pictures, I don’t dress up nice every day, I’m not always fashionable, I’m human.

SLIPM – From one of my dresses.
OVERTOP – Autograph


One of the good things about the unwanted insomnia is breakfast! I’ve been waking up around 3:30am every morning and no matter how tired I am, I can’t get back to sleep. By 6am comes around, I’m hungry. Cooked breakfast! Today consisted of mushrooms, tomato, boiled eggs, a slice of ham & piece of toast. Was so yummy.

This is my wonderful family who have been helping me through this! I cannot thank them enough. Look, they are all in the same photo! Adam on the floor, patting Frodo, Ginny is sitting next to him & Henry is sleeping on the mess he’d just made! Frodo & Henry have both been vying for my attention. Frodo is a healer & won’t leave me alone when I’m sick, seems Henry is a little that way too!