Quick Pics!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Quick Pics post, but never fear, here are some snap shots from the past few weeks!

My parents went away recently, which left me looking after their dog Emily. She’s a very timid dog, she came from a rescue home and it’s obvious she’s been abused in the past. It’s amazing to see her transformation. With Frodo around, she’s learning more dog like behavior and realising she’s not going to get into trouble for everything. She decided that Frodos crate was the best place to sleep. Frodo wasn’t too sure about it. (Yes, my room is a mess, problem with trying to fit a whole house into one room. It’s getting better as i’m buying more storage.)

I went shopping with my Friend Lou the other day, of course City Chic was a must visit. Really loved the dress on the left (HERE) but they didn’t have it in my size. I tried on the XL and it was way too big in the bust for me and my small boobs.

Mail mail, it never fails! When it comes, I want to wail MAIIIIIL“. Uh, yes. I love mail. This was the stash that I was greeted to when I arrived back from New Zealand!

It’s recently been school holidays and on one of the days I minded my nephews. One is human, one is canine. Charlie decided to take the high ground and my Mister Frodo wasn’t too happy.

New glasses time! My sister got new recently and I realised it’s been over 2 years since I had my eyes checked. I’ve decided to get some new frames and a lot of fun trying on some different designs. I fell in love with some Betsey Johnson glasses (first pair) alas, I have such a wide face a lot of glasses look crap on me. In the end, I’ve actually ordered in exactly the same pair as my sisters, but in a different colour. (See a pic of me in my sisters glasses HERE)

How gorgeous are these though!? They didn’t have them in store, but WANT! So pretty!

We also stopped by her local pet store (which I was super happy to see that they actually stock a lot of rescue animals!). I kind of fell in love with the gorgeous Rex rabbit. Oh she was so pretty. She was bred by the owner and boy, did this lil girl have a strong personality (well, that is Rex’s for you!). She didn’t want the owner to touch her, but as soon as she was in my arms, she settled down. So beautiful and her fur felt like velour. I had to laugh at the dog in the run area, he was sprawled out in such an amusing position!

Here, have another picture of sleepy Frodo and Emily, just for the cuteness!