My workspace!

Moving back in with my parents meant trying to fit a whole house of stuff in to one large room. Sure, it’s a huge room, and I did leave a lot of my furniture with my ex, but I still need to be space conscious. One of the first thing set up was my desk. It’s the place I spend most of my time and I have the habit of having a large and messy desk. When I moved back to Sydney I made the decision to buy a smaller desk, taking up less space, and leaving me with (hopefully) less mess. My parents picked up this small white desk (with red drawer) from the Freedom outlet center for around $100.

Yeah, I still have a pretty full desk, it’s not so much of a mess, just a bit crowded. I love it anyway. I always like to have a pegboard above my desk so I can pin reminders and pretty things. I use it for an inspiration board too. Again, moving gave me the chance to start a fresh and clean one.

I think my desk kind of shows off just how much of a nerd I am. My block mounted Star Wars poster hangs above it! (I have REALLY high ceilings!)

Vader, Wicket, Yoda & Chewy are just a few things that sit on top of my monitor. They were all previously key rings and unfortunately some lost their weapons somewhere in deep dark cavern that is my handbag.

So yes, generally, I have my desktop, my iPad2 and my HTC all with me. I really love my new iPad case with the keyboard, comes in handy! NOTE: My Unicorn Meat I got last Christmas off my neice. It is AMAZING! Inside is a unicorn chopped up in pieces. The side of the can lists it’s nutrition facts that include, 100% magic, 200& rainbows and 1000% superglue, just to name a few!

My board features a lot of Doctor Who. Also Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Firefly, yes, that is some Twilight. Also, the pretty Christopher Heyerdahl. It needs more Harry Potter.

I’ll be showing off bits and pieces of my room as I’m done with it. It’s slowly getting there!