Outfits for Natalie – By Nessbow!

I’ve talked about Ness before on my blog, about her being an inspiration to me in many ways, and I was super excited when I read one of her latest blog posts titled ‘Outfits for Natalie’. Yep, she wrote a post dedicated to help me style the red maxi skirt I talked about in my vlog! Isn’t she wonderful! I really love every outfit and was surprised at how well she could pick my style! Ness has let me re-post the blog here, but make sure you check out her blog.


Yesterday I watched a V-log by the gorgeous Natalie of XL as Life. (Have you checked out her blog? It’s awesome, you should totally pay her a visit). Natalie’s v-log chronicled her recent clothing purchases, and included some utterly brilliant items. Among her recently acquired garments was a gorgeous red maxi skirt. The skirt is a fantastic tomato-red colour, and it’s pleated. It has an underskirt that reaches to about mid-thigh, and from that point onwards the skirt is billowy and sheer. Natalie lamented that she’s not really sure how to style the skirt, so I thought I’d make a few suggestions….

beetlejuice coat by nessbow featuring a pleated maxi skirt

Natalie’s style has a bit of a rock-and-roll edge. More than once, I’ve seen her in Beetlejuice-esque black-and-white stripes and studded accessories. To blend this skirt with Natalie’s hard-edged style, I’d pair it with a striped blazer, a silky black tank and some hardcore foodwear. Natalie has a deep love for Jeffrey Campbell, so I’ve been careful to include as many Jeffrey Campbell shoes as possible in these sets. I’d top the outfit off with some gorgeous silver jewellery.

 free to be you and me by nessbow featuring chain jewelry

For a more casual look, you could team the billowy skirt with a loose, comfy tee shirt. Blindingly silver shoes, heavy chain bracelets and a rock-chick clutch purse give the outfit a bit more punch.

The Doctor by nessbow featuring a tailored vest

While it’s lovely to temper your bright coloured garments with shades of black and white, it’s much more daring to mix and match with other vibrant hues. The red shade of this skirt would go beautifully with a rich, royal blue. Or a vivid TARDIS blue. A bow-tie and sonic screwdriver are the perfect accessories to this outfit, which pays homage to my favorite time-lord.

gothic natalie by nessbow featuring goth jewelry

 One of the other items in Natalie’s haul video was a bondage skirt from Gisela Ramirez. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact skirt on Polyvore, but I did find this lovely cage dress, which has a similar vibe. I would layer the dress over the skirt, and throw a pair of ripped tights underneath. The sheer finish of the skirt would allow the rips and tears in the stockings to peek out, creating an interesting texture. Motorcycle boots and gothic jewellery combine to create a look that’s sexy and punkish.

summer skirt by nessbow featuring a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are one of my favorite things to wear on a hot summer’s day. As the weather is rapidly warming up in Australia, Natalie will have plenty of opportunities to wear her skirt with pretty blouses and gladiator sandals. I’ve chosen a ring to compliment this outfit, which is engraved with a quote from Gandhi. It says ‘Nobody can hurt me without my permission’. I chose it because Natalie is a fierce embassador for body-love and has a no-nonsense attitude to bullying and general nastiness. Natalie is one tough cookie, and I feel that this ring is a wonderful way to inject a little of her passionate personality into this outfit.

So there you have it, five lovely suggestions for dressing up a daring maxi-skirt. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing.


Again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Ness, make sure you check out her blog!