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Of health and Hospitals.

You may remember me hurting my back earlier in the year. Clumsy me tipped over on the computer chair leaving me with a sore spine as well as muscle and tissue damage. I had months of physio. It had been going well, i’d hurt it every now and then, but after some rest, it would get better. I threw it out again on Thursday, and could harldy walk by Saturday. I was super bummed because I was all set and ready to go to the Curvy Clothing Swap.

Fast forward, pain + pain killers + a large dose of sedatives, which I later found out were out of date, landed me in hospital Saturday night. I honestly don’t remember most it, as I was well out of it, but I was released last night. Nope, i’m not the smartest cookie, this is right up there with the time I was rushed to hospital after I accidently eating half a bowl of crunchy nut cereal (i’m allergic to nuts!).

So just wanted to let you know, posting may be a little off the next week or two, as I am really sleepy! Getting my health back on track is #1 right at this moment. I’m still in the process of removing all the sticker dot thingy-ma-jigs they have plastered all over me!