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Cheap Plus Size Friendly Stockings in Australia!

November 8, 2011

I’ve had a fair few emails regarding stockings. I LOVE stockings, but sometimes finding them in a size that fits, well, it can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. My Mum took me out to K-mart to get me out of the house for a bit, a little retail therapy to brighten my mood.

I’ve had luck in the past finding stockings at K-Mart and they didn’t disappoint. They have several different packs of patterned stockings. I was a little conceared because they are a ‘one size fits most’, but after testing the stretch of them in the packet, I thought for the price, I’d give them a go.

The fit – AMAZING! In fact, I think they would fit someone a couple of sizes large then me. The price? $9. Nine dollars for 3 pairs of stockings!

(Excuse my face, i’m still feeling rather ill)

So, I plan on heading back to K-mart and stocking up. They have a few different designs, not just the same as in this pack I bought.

In case you wanted to know, in regards to sizing, i’m about 5″5 & 107kg.

  • Molly Yocum Sellers

    Great tights! I wonder if I can buy them in the US. I’ll have to look! There are unfortunately no K-marts where I live. I hope I find them because cute net tights are ridiculously difficult to find in plus size!

    – Molly

  • Sarah

    Maybe I’ll give them ago. I found an awesome pair of plus size fence net stockings recently at Browse In. Isn’t it funny how you find things where you least expect them!

  • The patterns are really beautiful, great find!
    Your headband is so pretty, too!

  • Bri

    what brand are they are can you share what the size chart on them says? 

  • Michelle

    Ummm great deal but what about your hair!!  You have so much of it!  Looks great and great to see you smiling again!

  • It doesn’t have a brand, it just says ‘Fashion tights;, but the info on the back says distributed by Kmart. The size chard on the back doesn’t really tell how to see what size, as it’s listed as ‘average/tall/extra tall’, and the packet says ‘one size’. The Extra tall goes up to 198kg at 160cm, or 165kg at 170cm. As I mentioned, I’m about 5″5 and 107kg, and they’d fit someone larger. There is room around the waistband that I can comfortable pull up to under my boobs, there is also extra leg room in length and around the thigh. Hope this info helps.

  • Ha! It’s a wig! My hair is not that thick, though I wish it was, but I haven’t washed my hair for a couple of days and it’s all weird from having it tied up from being in hospital.

  • Thank you! I’ve had this headband for years now, I love it!

  • It is! I usually get my stockings from Woolworths, but I know i’ve picked some up from k-mart in the price. For the $9 price tag, I couldn’t leave them though.

  • I’m thinking I may get a few packs to wack on ebay for some international folks, I know how hard it is to find them here. I love some of Torrid’s stockings, but the shipping to Australia is CRAZY!

  • Katiepie

    Heads straight to nearest K-mart to buy!!!

  • I love the pattern in those tights. Finding tights that fit can be such a problem, especially ones that are interesting. I can get just black, but patterns that takes some searching.

    Those tights look amasing on you though. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂


  • Lillian Low

    They look very good on you! I really like the pair with the little dots.

  • I hope they have them at Kmart in New Zealand!! I’m going to check straight after work 🙂

  • Those are cute! Did you dye your hair black??

  •  Gorgeous tights and I love your hair 😀

  • Thank you, it’s actually a wig! My hair was in desperate need of a wash after being in hospital but I just didn’t have it in me to do that day, so I wigged it!

  • No, it’s a wig! 😛

  • Ohh *fingers crossed* I’m thinking i’ll pick up a few extra packets next time I get down to Kmart and offer them up for sale here for international.

  • The dot ones are so cute! The dots may just be the reason why I chose this pack!

  • I’m feeling so so, it was good to get out and walk around whilst being occupied looking at clothes and such, but my back was not happy by the end of the day. I keep on keeping on though.

  • Hee! YAY!

  • Jeannee

    Thanks for the tip!  Ah, feel better ….

  • Ah, I’m glad you’re able to get out a little. My mum has chronic back problems and always says even if going out makes her back hurt when she gets home she’s always glad she got out and about.

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  • Eirbear

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll head there! Did they have opaque ones too? or just patterned?

  • I think they may have plus size opaque stocking, but not in sets like this. They have these in different patterns though.

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  • Jonathan

    Beautiful legs!

  • CJ

    Always nice to see a real woman in stockings.