Cheap Plus Size Friendly Stockings in Australia!

I’ve had a fair few emails regarding stockings. I LOVE stockings, but sometimes finding them in a size that fits, well, it can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. My Mum took me out to K-mart to get me out of the house for a bit, a little retail therapy to brighten my mood.

I’ve had luck in the past finding stockings at K-Mart and they didn’t disappoint. They have several different packs of patterned stockings. I was a little conceared because they are a ‘one size fits most’, but after testing the stretch of them in the packet, I thought for the price, I’d give them a go.

The fit – AMAZING! In fact, I think they would fit someone a couple of sizes large then me. The price? $9. Nine dollars for 3 pairs of stockings!

(Excuse my face, i’m still feeling rather ill)

So, I plan on heading back to K-mart and stocking up. They have a few different designs, not just the same as in this pack I bought.

In case you wanted to know, in regards to sizing, i’m about 5″5 & 107kg.