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I love my body!

PhotobucketOkay, so I’m a little late to this, but better late then never aye? Over at We Heart Life, the ladies posted a call out –

Take a photograph of you this week sometime. Take it so you feel sexy/pretty/cute/hot/gorgeous/beautiful. Post it on your blog sometime this week before Saturday. Spread the word to your blogging community about loving their bodies. Share your own story about your body image issues. But then tell me one or more things that you love about your body! and why! Then come back on Saturday the 29th of October and link it up! Be sure to come back on Saturday and support everyone who is linking up to heart their bodies!

Then I did a little uhming and ahing. Should I do this? Should I post of picture? How much do I show? What will my parents think? What if the picture ends up on some humour fatty site? In the end though, I thought, fuck it. I love my body.

It’s been a long and crazy road for my body acceptance. I was teased all through my school years for being fat, and it wasn’t until a few years back that I embraced who I am. To me, it’s not my body who makes me, it’s who I am inside. If people are going to judge me on my appearacne, let them. If they don’t want to talk to me or be my friend because i’m obese, that is their problem, not mine. I don’t want to be friends with them anyway.

Sure, I have bad days, when I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. When I fall in love with a dress, but would be lucky if one of my thighs would fit into it. But everyone has those days. Heck, I bet even Beyonce feels like that some days and that girl is GORGEOUS! The fact is, we are all human and we all have things we like and dislike about ourself. Me? I hate my tuck shop lady arms and 2836 chins. I like my eyes & I don’t think my legs are too bad.

These photo’s were taken just past midnight on August 30th 2011, in my parents lounge room. No make up, my hair is still a little damn from a shower earlier. They are in no way photoshopped, only to re-size. Top is without flash, bottom is with flash. The awesome shirt is by Gisela Ramirez. My name is Natalie, I’m 25, last time I checked I was 104kg and I love my body.