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Current Inspiration

My style often changes, morphs, evolves. I have a few set styles I always tend to find inspiration from. Goth, Pin Up, Punk. I’ve had coloured hair & piercings for 10 years now. Other then that, I often get inspired by current trends. Below are some images of things I am so very much loving right now. My inspiration.

Glasses are by Jono Hennessy.  Dalmation Print shoes are by Penelope & Coco. Crown by Tarina Tarantino.

From Emergent Magazine

Right is from Beckerman Bite Plate

From Lady Melbourne (Who just celebrated her 1000 blog post! CONGRATS!)

Image from Through the looking Glass. Bags by Tiia Vanhatapio.

Top left hand image is of Nubby Twiglet.

Image from Terry’s Diary. Glasses are Miu Miu and I NEED THEM.

One of the annoying things about the internet is often credit gets lost from places. I’ve added what links I know, others you may find on my Tumblr or Pinterest boards. If you know where an image has come from, or if it is yours, please let me know so I can credit.

A few blogs that are just all round fashion inspiration –