Epic Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is a month away. On June 7th, I turn 25. Yep. 25! Can you believe that! I’ve been on a strict saving regime atm, so I’ve been trying not to taunt myself looking at all the pretty things I can’t afford. Of course ASOS decided to release some of the most gorgeous pieces right now!

I’m still deciding weather or not to celebrate & if so, what to do? BBQ? Probably a bit too cold for that. I don’t know. Suggestions please!!

Anyway, here is my Birthday Wishlist. They are the crazy things I want but could never afford, or probably wouldn’t buy for myself. We all have them!


Of course the most wanted item is a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I’ve only been wanting them since they came out last year! They keep releasing new colours/fabrics & I keep hitting my head against my desk in frustration!

Black Black Suede – Black Lita Fur – Black Glitter


HEBELET @ETSY – Fairchild Family Ring – $63us || BANDSCAPES @ETSY – Tubby the Hippo Ring – $105us || SEIBEI – I’m fat let’s party tee – $23 ||
LOVE & LUCK – Lawless Large Satchel – $320

Spotted Trousers $45 || Printed Midi Skirt  $54 || Summer Chinos $54 ||  Midi dress $63 || Tutu Skirt $33 || Vintage Skinny Jeans $25
Lace up Jeans $72 || Kaftan Dress $72 || Pleated trousers $72