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Bills Bills Bills! My health, my dogs health & quick pics!!

May 4, 2011

So Monday was my first visit to the physio. I was nervous as anything, I kept expecting it to hurt like hell & then I’d end up fainting like I did with my Xrays. I’m happy to say it didn’t hurt much & I didn’t faint. In fact, it left me feeling a lot better! Yay! I’m off to Physio again today, and again on Friday. Yes, 3 times a week. Yikes!

The Physio was really great at explaining everything that was wrong! I still felt a little in the dark as to what exactly was happening as I was quite out of it at the hospital! She took the time to feel my back & show me specifically where my problem was & what was wrong. My spine is currently curved in an S shape & I have a displaced disc. She pressed down on where it should be & then pressed down to show me where it was. OUCH! Also, I have muscle spasms and a possible ruptured muscle.

Everyone, bar Henry, is in the wars at the moment! On the Easter long weekend both my dog babies had to visit the vet! On the Saturday, Ginny was booked in to see the vet about her habit of biting her paws. He has had to wear a cone for 2 weeks now whilst the area heals. She looks so sorry for herself in the cone, but oh so adorable. It has not improved her mood and she has since become Super bitch!

Frodo got rushed to the emergancy vet on Easter Monday. He wasn’t able to shut his eye (including to blink), whichlead to it constantly wateringand his mouth had started to droop! I was terrified, whilst he was behaving normally I just remember thinking “Please don’t let it be a stroke!”. It wasn’t a stroke, thank heavens. He’s lost feeling in his nerves to the area around his eye. He’s on somemedication & is supposed to have a follow up visit this week. It’s slightly better, but not fully functional.

So now, I’m left with a crazy amount of bills! Guh! The invoice for the ambulance ride came in on Monday, $820! Lucky I’m on a pension, so I get it half price at $410! Only thing is… I’m on a pension! Which basically means I live off of $160 a week! So thats, $410 for the ambulance. $300 on the vets, not including Frodos follow up. $50 per physio appointment. All up… $860. Who needs to eat!? I’m really lucky at the moment that my other half has a credit card, but paying him back is going to be a bitch!

And yes, I will soon be investing in ambulance cover!

Sorry about the whining! I just needed to vent!

  • Rai

    Ahh dear, it doesn’t sound like a great month for you so far does it? I hope things pick up and cheer up c: x

  • I predict May will be a better month for you all:) Is your vet good at letting you pay off the bills? Hopefully you can pay off the ambulance as well.

  • Henry has grown up into one very handsome cat. I love his two-toned eyes. My own cat, Jellylorum, is nuzzling the screen right now. I think she fancies him.

  • He has hasn’t he! I said the same thing to Adam the other day, I think he is mighty handsome! Though he’s still a lil crazy & clumsy as anything. He is adorable, I’m glad I’m not the only one to believe so!

    Ohhh! Be careful Jelly! I haven’t had him desexed yet!

  • No You have to pay in full the vet costs! When Frodo had the previous operation that cost $1000+ we had to look into paying it out through another company. Kind of like when you rent-to-buy furniture. I’m lucky Adam has some money saved (and a credit card), so we could do that for the animals. As for the ambulance, you can pay it off, but I just have to get the courage to ring them to see what kind of payment plan.

    Also, yay! You started a blog!

  • Thank you so much sweety! It’s certainly a little stressful here, which makes me in more pain, but I shall get through it. My parents are on holidays atm, they get back tomorrow, so i’m hoping they may be able to transfer some money, if just to help for physio. I feel once my back is feeling better I will cheer up a bit. I feel a little loopey not being able to do so much & being stuck inside all the time!

  • great photos

    – tork

  • Meg Needles@ Sewing Pixie

    very adorable photos!

    I’m so sorry about the bills. I’m uninsured at the moment- so needing my teeth worked desperately and needing a physical gets put off and put off and put off. Right now I’m praying my teeth don’t start falling out, lol!

    Feel better honey!

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  • edisonmyndiecoco

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  • Dazzlar1974

    Oh my, you are too young and vibrant to be on a pension!! I am so sorry you have all these bills and thank goodness for the credit card!! Is pet insurance an option?

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