OOTD – Medieval Birthday Party!

Saturday we loaded up the car & headed up in to the hills, our destination, Adelaide’s very own Camelot Castle. My Mother-in-law Rose was celebrating her 60th birthday, and what better way then a Medieval themed party in a castle!? Upon arrival, I told Adam that we had to start saving so we could one day buy it. Hello dream house!

I used most of my own wardrobe, to try and save on money. I couldn’t justify spending money to buy a gown, when I couldn’t wear it again. Or spend $60 on hiring something. So instead I bought a few key items that I could incorporate into my wardrobe and that I would probably find chance to wear again.

Yes, it even came equipped with a giant chess board!! Evryone at the party, bar Adam & I and 3 other people stayed the night at the castle. My in laws room came equipped with a 4 poster bed with mirrored ceiling!!

  • TOP – Very old jumper, tag cut out, so I have no idea.
  • SKIRT – Again, very old skirt with no label.
  • CAPE – Gumeracha Medieval Fair
  • WIG – Ebay
  • NECKLACE – Etsy

My man dressed up as a Jester, which was mighty amusing. He’s usually very shy, so it was fun seeing him play the part of the jester! When he first tried on the (hired) costume, I couldn’t help but laugh!

We pained his face with some pretty crappy $2 facepaint from The Reject Shop. We were originally going to have a white face, but upon opening the white tub we found it has started growing icky mold! No thank you! So we tried to match it up with his costume.

Adam & his parents! The food was delicious! Soup for starters. The main was pork, beef, chicken & trout with veges. Dessert was apple strudel. The main was placed on platters along the table and you served yourself, very much like a medieval banquet.

Wasn’t the cake awesome!? I didn’t get too many photos on my camera as I was trying to get photos of the night on the in-laws camera. I will try and get some copies so I can post some of the costumes. Everyone turned up in fancy dress!

My back didn’t end up fairing too well & I ended up back in my in-laws room laying down for the last hour before we left. I was so close to passing out. I can’t wait for my next physio appointment on Tuesday as I think I may have buggered my back up more! Eep!

Have you ever been to a fancy dress party before? If so, what did you go dressed up as!?