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BRB. Going to New Zealand!

Photo of Mt Ngauruhoe (OMG! It’s Mount Doom!!) by Kiwi Steve

Wahey! Yes, you read that right! I am heading off to New Zealand! Thanks to my wonderful family (My parents & my sister, THANK YOU!), and the gracious hospitality of friends for allowing me a place to rest my head, I am off to NZ !

Apart from the week I spent last month, moping and feeling sorry for myself, between the bedroom & the couch of my Melbourne friends, it’s honestly been a few years since i’ve been on a holiday. Yes, i’m calling it a holiday, even if I’m going to have to cook & do everyday normal stuff. I’m in a different country, it’s a holiday! It’s also the first time i’ve ever left Australia! So, please New Zealand, be nice to me, i’m giving you my International virginity!

 Image by Michael Goetter 

I’ve known about New Zealand forever. Being Australian, NZ is our next door neighbour. In my teen years, my best friend was a New Zealander. But honestly, my love and fascination for New Zealand didn’t come around until I watched Lord of the Rings. I fell head over heels in love with the story, and the landscape shown as depicting Middle Earth. After walking out of the cinema (wiping up the drool caused by Legolas & Aragorn!), I googled, only to find out, it was filmed in New Zealand! Since then, it’s been a dream of mine to visit.

Old photos of me showing the LoTR love! Emmanuel & I being Hobbits/Wizards at the LoTR excibition. That was around 1995 I believe! As well as pictures of my old bedroom. Scary enough, that only shows about 25% of my LoTR collection!

 So, for the next few weeks, expect to see some blog posts coming from New Zealand! I shall be staying on the North Island & hope to do a few touristy things! It just so happens that I’ll be over during NZ Fashion Week, and while i’m staying a little out of Auckland, I shall keep my eyes open for fashion & report back on the state & availability of plus size clothing!

(NOTE: I shall still be online, yay! But I won’t be using my mobile, so ladies and gentleman, email is the best contact method)