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Autograph – Australian Spotlight Follow Up

So, in my previous post, I featured Autograph. Today, whilst laying on the physio table, my physio told me to go for a 20 minute walk. Well, within 20 minutes walking distance is my local shopping center. I’ve not been out shopping for 5 weeks now (I WAS GOING CRAZY!), so I jumped at the chance to walk to the shops and do a little window shopping.

I decided to take a little look in Autograph & have a look at the jacket. With paying off the ambulance bill & paying for physio, I could never afford it, but boy am I in love! It’s a little out of the price range to ask my boyfriend for it for my birthday.

So, I took a few (very dodgy) pictures of the jacket on. The material is very soft & very comfortable. It has great movability. I didn’t feel restricted at all.

Zipped up. As I mentioned in my previous post, I usually have to size down in Autograph clothing. I originally tried the size 20 & it was way too big. This is the size 18. It’s a little roomy, but I only have a thin top under it.

What I really loved about the jacket, that you don’t see online, is that on both sides they have straps with buckles which enable you to adjust the size of the jacket. I think this is fantastic! If I were to adjust these, the jacket would fit perfectly. It’s also great in case you have to bulk up underneath with jumpers for warmth!

For those with the money, I think this jacket is great! Autograph also do 6 week lay bys!