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Clothing Identity Crisis!

A few times over the past years I’ve gone through what I call a ‘Clothing Identity Crisis’. I often think my Gemini star sign transcends to my fashion choices. One day I may want to be bright & girly, the next gothtastic. One of the last time  I went through one of these metamorphoses I stuck to a palette of black/red/grey & white for months.

Currently I stare at my wardrobe and not like 80% of it. It’s also strange because usually I want to keep everything. Some items in my wardrobe have been mine for over 15 years. This time however I would be happy to get rid of it all. I’m not sure if I want to replace it all with new stuff or just work with a more minimal capsule collection of clothing. I do know however what i’m needing to add to my closet.


 Most of my wardrobe is black & grey. Yep. I was a little bit goth in my teen years & I love the way black looks on. I also found it was easier to match my many different hair colours with black, it wouldn’t clash with anything. At the moment, I want a little colour injection in my wardrobe. You can tell what my favourite colours are, pinks, purples & blues. I’m LOVING royal blue at the moment.


Gathered sleeve top – $29.95 | Metal ring top – $22.80  | Floral Halter Dress – $49.98 | Blue Faux Suede Jacket – £20.00 | Belted Maxi Dress – £18.99 | Midi Dress –  $59.94 | Chiffon Kimono Maxi – $27.40 | Lace Insert Batwing top – $39 | Floral Satin Kimono – £39.50


 So, I own all of 3 pairs of pants. Yes. 1x harem pants. 2x jeans. I don’t wear 1 pair of those jeans because I don’t like them. I’ve always been more of a dress kind of girl, but lately I’ve seen the comfort in pants. Winters coming up & whilst I have a heap of tracky dacks, nothing really apart from the above 2 I mentioned, that’d I’d wear out. Also, this could add colour to the mix too!

Easyrider Jean – $89.95 |  Stretch Twill Skinny Pants – $54.50 | Black Challis Pant – $48 | Twill knit pant – $49.95 | Lace up Skinny Jeans – $68.50 | Spot Trousers – $42.81 | Summer Chinos – $51.38 |