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10 simple things that make me HAPPY!


I’m trying to focus on the positives. Trying to find pleasure in the simple and easy things. I thought i’d share my top 10 with you.

1 – Having bright coloured hair & nail polish. My current favourite is pink hair & crazy bright orange nail polish.

2 – Laying in bed during the day, the sun shining in through the window, snuggled under the blanket, but a small fan on blowing a breeze on my face.

3 – My babies. Frodo, Ginny & Henry. They are my world. I look at Frodo & my heart swells, I honestly believe I can never love anything as much as I love Frodo. These animals amaze me every day and I love them sososo much.

4 – Spending hours watching cute animal youtube videos.

5 – Playing the Sims 3. Yeah, I’m a Sim’s girl. It’s one way to keep my head occupied & entertained for HOURS!

6 – Stationary. I am the kind of person who could spend millions in stores like Smiggle or Kikki K. Actually, my favourite would probably be Typo. But i’m pretty easy when it comes to stationary. I could buy a $2 notepad & it would make me giddy with happiness.

7 – Getting emails, tweets, facebook messages from people who read my blog telling me how much they enjoy it. How it inspires them. Etc. I started this blog as a way to keep my family up to date with things whilst living in Adelaide, and it’s progressed into my baby. I love finding out that people appreciate what I do.

8 – My friends! If i’m being honest, I often don’t think i’m a good friend. I’m not very good talking on phones & I’m often bad at keeping in constant contact. I know friendship takes work on both ends & I often feel stunted in that regard. With everything that has happened though, with the break up, I’ve had so much love & support from such a brilliant network of friends. I feel so honoured to have these people in my life. It’s made this step just that little bit easier.

9 – Pretty shiny things! It’s true, i’m like a cat. If it glitters, it’s mine!

10 – These images –