First Sydney OOTD!

Yep, after being rescheduled a few times due to the ash cloud, I finally arrived in Sydney on Wednesday! God, it’s good to be home! This is my first OOTD from my new life in Sydney. I haven’t put on make up since I’ve been here, nor have I blow dried or straightened my hair, so yes, this is me all natural!


You will have to bare with me as I try and find a good OOTD spot to take photos & get used to using my Mum’s cameras. (She has a small point&shoot, as well as a Nikon D90 Digital SLR *purrs*)



Today was spent with my Mum & Niece Sharn. Looking at furniture (I found one store that I could deck a house with, SO MUCH pretty stuff), as well as strolling around flower power.


My Mum may have bought these boots for me yesterday, on sale for like $65! Thank you Payless shoes! They back is made of this almost scuba suit material so they fit my chubby legs perfectly!

Sydney has also pulled out some beautiful weather to welcome me home!

  •  TOP – City Chic
  • SKIRT – Prototype Design
  • BOOTS – Payless Shoes
  • BROOCH – Beetlejuice!! By Kristina Kreep


I also want to say thank you to everyone for the love and support. It means so so so much to me! I’m doing pretty good, so glad to be home in Sydney. Trying to keep focusing on the positives & not let things get me down.