True Blood Convention

This Sunday was the Melbourne leg of The Hub Productions True Blood convention! I had such a great time!

I managed to get to watch some of the talks this time round & was so glad I did! John Billingsley was hilarious! I think his talk was the best of the day! Todd Lowe seemed interesting and talented! Kristen, oh Kristen! I loved her, she is so very passionate about her animals, very much like myself. Sam was a lot shorter then I expected!

Whilst waiting for my Kristen photo, I got butterflies in my stomach! I don’t remember the last time that has happened!

Sam told me I had ‘Crazy hair’. It’s strange. With working at Con’s, we have to remember the actors names. That’s usually no problems. No calling the actors by the characters name they play. Every time I would say “Sam” my brain would do a double take.