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Airport ramblings.

You could say that I’m quite used to airports. I’ve flown over 10 times this year. That’s 10 times more then my Grandmother had flown her entire life. Today is the first time i’ve experienced a major delay.

Time I Arrived – 4:30pm
Time Flight Leaves – 6:10pm
New Delayed Departure – 10pm

Yes, 4 hours. 4 hours stuck in Adelaide airport. By myself. Sure, I spent half an hour with a fellow Adelaidian who too was flying to Melbourne for the Convention, but with Virgin. Oh Virgin, how I love you.

I’ve never had much of a problem with Tiger before, or JetStar for that matter. Yeah, the departure are for them in Melbourne is an 8 minute trek along tin lined tarmac, it has the whole concentration camp vibe, but that’s not too bad. I don’t mind that, specially seeing as it’s usually a good $30 cheaper. Exercise is good. But damn, 4 hours to kill!

I don’t cause any trouble though. I smile & thank the help. It’s not the staff’s fault.  Delays happen. But 4 hours.

Whilst I’m bitching about airports. So expensive. browsing the books, nothing is under $25. To buy ‘The secret life of Bree Tanner” here, you are paying $26. At k-mart anywhere else, $15. Dinner, I didn’t want hungry jacks, I dunno, grease & flying doesn’t seem like a good mix. So I sit have a tuna wrap, small fries & a drink. $25.

I haven’t left the airport & already I’ve spent *calculates* $66. Oh, that’s amusing! Just need one more 6 and it sums up this hellish experience.


In other more pleasant things, I am now proud owner of this amazing bag! I’d been stalking Midwest Traider’s facebook, waiting for the news that the stock arrived & on the way to the airport, dropped by to pick one up! Now I just have to wait for the matching wallet I ordered online from overseas to show up!

The bag is AMAZING! The front is sort of plush and it’s super comfy! It also has a long over the shoulder strap too! I love the colours & the cute little bows! Now I just need to save for the matching UGG boots!

Phew. I needed to get that out of my system! I have 19minutes left at this kiosk, so I shall now go twitter! Hope you all have a great weekend!!