Things I LOVE Thursday!

Awesome stickers & art all in one! I’m a huge fan of Natalie of Definatalie. She’s a huge inspiration to me in both blogging and art. When she released some of her stuff through redbubble & cafepress I had to buy something. Alas, I’m broke, so I went with the stickers! I have plans for them though! They are so gorgeous!

FRUIT! Man, i’ve been in such a fruit kick as of late. SO TASTY! My fridge actually looks healthy at the moment! I just tried Mango Iced Tea for the first time too! YUMMY!

Image (c) AFP

Baby Pigmy Hippo!! Any kind of baby animals is sure to make me squee, but a baby pygmy hippo DOUBLE SQUEE! Kambiri, meaning “allow me to join this family”, was born on June 26 and has  just made her public debut at Taronga Zoo! Is it weird I want to fly to Sydney just to go see this lil gal!? I really need to save to do the Hippo Interaction Tour at ZooSA!

Turning something I don’t love, into something I do love! I burnt myself the other day, well actually I burnt myself twice in a 24 hour period. First, I spilt boiled soup onto my hand. Hurt like crazy & I had to sit around with my hand in cold water for 4 hours. The next day, I hit my knuckle against the top element of the oven. Yes, I’m clumsy! Anyway, it has scabbed up and it’s in such an awkward place I keep splitting it. BAND-AID to the rescue, picked these pretty breathable, waterproof tweety tattoo band-aid tonight, I’m more of a Marvin girl myself, but it’s better then a plain boring one!

More –> Pretty new nail polish! Getting Mail! My awesome package delivery man! Twitter! Hot baths! Mars Cookies! When my dogs are quiet! When the bus arrives on time! Pretty Woman, I really do love that movie! Going down 2 notches on my belt!

 And last but not least, I’m going to leave this with my favourite thing, not just of this Thursday, but of most of the time, a song that always gets stuck in my head, a song that always makes me smile, a song that makes me want to dance… The Safety Dance!