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Weekly Wishlist – Wigs!

 I LOVE WIGS! I currently own around 6 ranging in colours & quality. They are fun & a super easy way to change any outfit! It’s great when you want a change for the day. It also works great if your having a bad hair day!

Whilst doing my monthly troll on ebay, I came across the SouthPanda Store. Now, I’ve never bought from them, they have a 99.7%. They ship from China, and it looks like the items take a couple of weeks to arrive. However, the wigs are so very pretty! I’ve ordered from ebay from similar sellers, and have had great fun with the wigs.

  • Cherry Pink Straight – AU $38.02 (including shipping)
  • Purple Long Straight – AU $31.67 (including shipping)

Black & Purple –  AU $31.67 (including shipping)

Silver & Pink – AU $40.12 (including shipping)

The 4 wigs above are my favourites, and bellow are some others in the store that I adore!

  •  Black & Red Blunt Fringe – US $14.99 + US $16.99 shipping to Australia
  • Dark Blue Curly – AU $38.02 (including shipping)
  • Long Red & Wavy – AU $28.39 (including shipping)

  • Long Full Black – AU $31.67 (including shipping)
  • Black with Blue Streak – AU $38.37 (including shipping)
  • Curly Purple with Fringe – AU $33.14 (including shipping)