Things I Love Thursday!

That little man beast in the picture above. I love him everyday. I really can’t find the words to describe how much he means to me! I look at him & my heart swells. I think it’s what mothers would feel for their children. The simple and silliest things with him makes me smile. He loves it when I sing or dance.  He’s a snob and attention whore, he loves anyone who will pat him or play fetch with him. He LOVES toys that squeak, specially if they are white and fluffy.

He is a healer! He’s more in tune with my body then I am! Last year, he was acting very weird. He started acting worse, so I rang and booked an appointment at the vets for the weekend. He wouldn’t leave my side, he’d cry if he wasn’t near me, he was more protective over me to Ginny and even Adam. He’s normally a little clingy, but this was way worse. Mid week, I had a miscarriage. He’d senced the change in my body and was reacting to it, so the vet said. When my sister broke her leg, he’d sit with her. At times, he’d come and lay with me, but every half and hour or so, he’d get up and go check on my sister!

This is the image in the picture part of my purse! <3

Comic Con news! Trying out new recipes and them turning out delicious! Baking cookies! Paid design work! Getting more work done on my portfolio. Catching up on TV shows. SANCTUARY! Listening to She Wants Revenge over and over again. Books, actually physical books you can read in the bath (I usually read ebooks on my laptop).

I’m going for my L’s for the first time today. Yes, I’m 24 and never learnt to drive. So, if I pass, i’m sure to love getting them! If not, I’m going to love that I TRIED! Finally!

Oh, and I should probably say Ginny. Ahah. It’s funny, people tend to think I really dislike her, which couldn’t be more wrong. I love her to bits. She’s an alpha female, and to this day she still tries to pull rank on ME! She’s a daddies girl & constantly fights me for his attention. She’s dominant and she’s so friggen annoying at times, but she’s my baby.