Quick Pics & Mr Frodo Update!

This is what Frodo’s leg looked like the day after we got him back. The white patch is covering the stitches, the orange bandage is covering the pain patch he had on. I need to take a picture of him with his cone on, we dazzled it up with some stickers!

This is his leg today, after his check up at the vet & getting all the dressings off. 10 stitches, but they are looking good. He’s obviously feeling better, he’s been wanting to walk around, which is a big no no. He’s been really well behaved so far, except for the night he accidentally wet the bed!! He was so upset about it though, he woke Adam up with his crying.

This is what he’s been constantly doing. Sitting in my lap, trying to bury his head in my lack of boobs. Being a huge sook! Hey look, no make up and bed hair!

Hey look! He’s actually looking at the camera for once!!

Me! I’m in love with this citychictop! I’m in the process of trying to wash the colour out of my hair. I don’t want to bleach it. The ends are blonde but my roots are still aqua!

And the following are photos of Ginny being Ginny. Our Pig-Pig here is a gangly, silly, demanding, bitchy diva  & very un-lady like!