OOTD – Fathers Day

Even though it’s Spring here, the weather has been cold and dreary. Actually, it’s been very Un-Adelaidean with it’s rain & storms. It was amusing trying to figure out what to wear. It was cold outside, but I had no doubt that the in laws would have heaters on. We also took the dogs along, which meant I had to cover the majority of my legs otherwise I’d get scratches due to little dog nails.

I’d never actually worn this belt, although I’ve had it for nearly a year now! I could never find the right outfit for it to go with! I was so happy I finally got to wear it!

I wore this outfit (without belt & leggings) in July & felt it was something secretary/work wearish. If I didn’t have the coloured hair & piercings, I think I could pull off corporate!

My hair is at an akward length. This is the point it gets to when I usually chop it all off. I AM RESISITING! I am growing my hair, I am! I am!

Close up of some of my accessories!

  • TOP – Big W
  • SKIRT – City Chic
  • LEGGINGS – Autograph
  • SHOES – Rubi Shoes
  • BELT – Torrid
  • NECKLACE – Target
  • RING – Diva
  • EARRINGS – Gift from my sister <3
  • EYESHADOW – BFTE Cosmetics