Fathers Day!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Fathers Day here in Australia! I find it hard being away from my parents on the best of days, let alone a holiday. My Dad had a good time today though, he went out to the movies with Mum & 2 of his Grand-kids. I rang and talked to him on the phone.

I spent today at my In-Laws* at a family BBQ. Any type of holiday Adam’s family seems to gather in to Peter & Rose’s back yard entertaining area for a good BBQ! That’s Peter, Rose, 4 brothers, 3 girlfriends, 7 children ranging from 16 to 2 & 4 dogs!! It’s noisy!

Below are some pictures from the day! I shall be posting an OOTD this week sometime with the outfit I wore!

Adam & I

Ginny, considering venturing out into the rain.

Ginny, spying on us.

My lil man Frodo & I <3 <3 <3

Frodo & Ginny.  Don’t worry! That’s all for the pet pictures today!

Hello height difference!!

Fake smile!

My man Adam! I love him so much!

* – I should note, I call Adam’s parents my “In-Laws” even though we aren’t married. It’s easier then “in-Defactos”. After living with Adam for 5 years we are pretty much married except for in paper.