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Christmas Quick Pics!

Christmas was awesome! I had a great Christmas Eve & Day. So great to see my parents again! I’m not going to bore you all with all the teeny details, but I’m going to show you in a fair few photos!

Christmas eve! I decided to wear my new City Chic dress! (LOVE IT!) and some nice make up! I decided seeing as I didn’t have to do any cooking or hosting I should go fancy for the day!

I didn’t really get any good outfit posts, except for this slightly dodgy photo of me in front of the washing from early on in the day! Also, it’s all hard work for Frodo!

I was going to throw out this old bed, but at last minute decided i’d just throw it out in the sun for them. They love it! Better then laying on the bricks!

Christmas day at my place! This was the food spread! Seeing it was my first time hosting, we went for a simple and easy bbq & prawns! Salad, potato salad and roast sweet potato!

Seeing we where outside a while, we let Henry come out for 10 minutes. It was his first adventure out doors. He was well behaved, scared but inquisitive. Don’t worry, we kept a very close eye on him!

This is my parents dog Emily! She came for the drive over! (My parents took the drive over 4 days!) It’s the first time Adam had met my new Sister! I was excited to introduce them!

Isn’t she adorable!? She’s a 5 or 6 year old Cavalier King Charles, who my parents got from a rescue home. Everytime I see her she’s made so much progress!

Adam & I were trying to get a family photo, but Henry was too busy wanting to explore! I’m just dressed down in casual clothes for Christmas day, had too much to do. Plus I was feeling pretty sick.

Ginny sooking up to her Daddy, and Frodo being a real gentleman with my Mum! Frodo was so very happy to see my parents. He actually won’t leave them alone! He sat at their bedroom door for half an hour when they went to bed the first night! He’s not seen them in around a year & a half, but he certainly remembers them!

Mister Frodo & Miss Em! We were a little worried with how we’d go in the house with Emily. Ginny is very much the alpha female, and Miss Em is as timid as timid can be. They’ve been good though, Ginny seems to be leaving Emily alone.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!! I hope to have some awesome posts coming up for when my parents are here!