Happy Holidays!

I want to wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas / Season Greetings / Happy Holidays / whatever applies to you! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Yes, i’m aware, it’s only Christmas Eve, but my boyfriends family celebrates Christmas on it’s Eve! So yep, i’ve already recieved presents! Tomorrow is usually just like any other day, but seeing as my parents arrive in Adelaide this afternoon (!!!!) & they celebrate Christmas on Christmas day, we get to do Christmas all over again tomorrow! YAY!

Frodo loves Christmas, as he loves presents, boxes, toys. He gets so excited & happy! This morning he & Henry has so much fun playing in wrapping paper! Also, Ginny & Henry are getting along a lot better! I can actually let Henry out to play without the fear Ginny will eat him! Below are a few photos from yesterday!

Frodo has a slight obsession with cleaning (licking!) Ginny’s eyes! It’s kind of icky to watch. Here Henry is creeping up for a suprise attack.

Henry thinks that playing with Ginny is the best thing ever, as Ginny isn’t affraid to play a little rough. I’m sitting watching in slight horror as the play, and if I seperate them, Henry gets all “Let me back at her, I want to plaaay”. Frodo is enjoying that he can get the upper hand with Henry. Hen seems to know how to play with each of the dogs. Fun and gentle with Frodo, hard with Ginny.

Eee! He was still enough for me to take a photo! He needed his face cleaned though. He’s adorable, if I may say so myself.  I’m so happy he & the dogs are getting along!