Quick OOTD!

Busy! Yesterday my parents left Sydney to travel to Adelaide to spend Christmas with me! They arrive Christmas eve. I’ve been trying to prepare. Cleaning, shopping, cleaning, oh & more cleaning. No, my house isn’t a crazy mess, I’m just being super duper picky about things.

Shops are open late all this week, so Adam & I decided to get the shopping done today. This outfit seemed to be a hit, whilst standing at the bus stop for 20 minutes, I got whistled at, leered at & honked twice. I din’t know if I should be flattered or paranoid!

After a reception like that, I decided to do an OOTD post! It’s only a few photos! This is after being out 3 hours & I just couldn’t be bothered taking lots of photos of myself. I’m thankful I found our tripod & that the camera has a self timer!

  • TOP – Kmart
  • CARDIGAN – Cheap store at Harbour Town for $5!
  • SKIRT – ASOS Curve
  • SHOES – Rubi Shoes
  • NECKLACE – Gift from Kayley & Nick.