Australian Spotlight – Rubi Rocket

┬áRubi Rocket is a team of 3 lovely ladies who produce top quality lazer cut jewellery featuring designs you won’t find anywhere else! With a passion for anything kitch you’ll find the site packed with designs inspired by the 50’s, pin ups, hot rods, roller derby, horror and cult icons!

The jewellery is made right out of their own house,this gives them the chance to offer up a grand scale of customisation. They have a whole range of nameplate necklaces, which they will work with to include your name! Not only that, but it means that the pieces are not mass produced, so every girl in the world won’t be running around with your necklace!

I stumbled across Rubi Rocket in late 2007 whilst looking for a present for my niece. She’d always complain that she could never find anything with her name on it. Sharntelle. So, after finding the site I soon ordered in a beautiful necklace customised so she could finally have something bearing her name. It was the beginning of a love affair.

Soon after starting Twilight Australia, I was having people interested in twilight themed jewelley, I contacted Rubi Rocket and wa-la, they released a range that reached out to the Twilight market. They also released a limited number of ‘TA’ jewellery designed by a TA member specially for ‘Twilight Prom’.

I adore my Rubi Rocket jewellery. The jewellery is sturdy, I’ve seen some necklaces made out of the same material that are really thin & snap easily. No need to fear that with Rubi Rocket jewellery! The presentation of the jewellery is tops too! Each item comes in it’s own round container!

Some of my Rubi Rocket haul!

Go check them out!!