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In the dressing room – Belle Curve for Target

The plus size section of Target has been pretty dim lately, nothing has caught my eye in months, but I still always go and check it out, just in case. Well, I was surprised when I ducked in yesterday to find a few cool offerings from the Belle Curve for Target range. When the brand launched at Target, it started out with a bang (See here), but I don’t think it overly sold well, and in the end it seemed like they were just re-branding a lot of Moda stuff with the Belle Curve name.


This dress caught my eye immediately, the colour blocking of this dress really appealed to me. While it is one of those ‘sack like’ dresses, it had a nice slinky feel to it & I think it would look great belted. It would certainly work well for summer. The blue matched my glasses!


This jacket made me want to purr, in fact, I was really sad to take it off. The draping was fabulous, IT HAS POCKETS, and the sleeves can be buttoned up (They’re buttoned up in the photos). It’s not a heavy materiel, so it would make a great layering piece, and also would work well for those like me, who run warm and get over heated easily.

Belle Curve Colour Block Dress (Size 20) – $59 Currently $39
Belle Curve Waterfall Jacket (Size 20) – $69 Currently $59


Here is the coat again, over the outfit I was wearing. Looking at the Belle Curve range online, they have a few more fun pieces that I didn’t see at my local store. I’m liking the look of this mesh top.

Have you found anything you love in a store lately that you didn’t expect to?