Outfit – Believe in your Selfie

Yes, it’s true, I am THAT pale. I basically glow when i’m out in the sun. Add to the fact i’ve been sick, and yeah. White as a ghost. I don’t know what’s up with my health, neither does my Doctor. I slept pretty much 38 hours straight last weekend. I didn’t know that was possible. I’ve been getting migraines, ear aches and my vision has been pretty horrid. Eh. It’s a lot better then last weekend, but I still don’t feel ‘right’.


Anyway, I posted on facebook the other week that Misguided had a few things on sale for $10 & I snapped up 2 things. The first item was this skirt. The funny thing is, I scrolled over this item so many times, not realising it was a waist tie skirt! I thought it was just how they styled the outfit!


I remember seeing Fashion Hayley wearing something similar and loving it, so I decided to get this one. I don’t often wear pencil skirts cause of the VBO, I need to be in the right mood to rock my belly, but this totally helps camouflage it!  believeinyourselfie-02

Top (underneath) – Kmart | Top – New Look via ASOS | Skirt – Misguided | Necklace – ASOS
Earrings – ASOS | Shoes – Lipsy via ASOS


This was my first time ordering from Misguided, and I certainly will again. 2 items, plus shipping, set me back $24 & took just under 2 weeks to arrive. Though I do know one of my readers ordered after me, and got her shipment around 4 days before mine! I don’t mind waiting, and it only costs $5 if you want to upgrade to express shipping.