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Outfit – Believe in your Selfie

July 31, 2015

Yes, it’s true, I am THAT pale. I basically glow when i’m out in the sun. Add to the fact i’ve been sick, and yeah. White as a ghost. I don’t know what’s up with my health, neither does my Doctor. I slept pretty much 38 hours straight last weekend. I didn’t know that was possible. I’ve been getting migraines, ear aches and my vision has been pretty horrid. Eh. It’s a lot better then last weekend, but I still don’t feel ‘right’.


Anyway, I posted on facebook the other week that Misguided had a few things on sale for $10 & I snapped up 2 things. The first item was this skirt. The funny thing is, I scrolled over this item so many times, not realising it was a waist tie skirt! I thought it was just how they styled the outfit!


I remember seeing Fashion Hayley wearing something similar and loving it, so I decided to get this one. I don’t often wear pencil skirts cause of the VBO, I need to be in the right mood to rock my belly, but this totally helps camouflage it!  believeinyourselfie-02

Top (underneath) – Kmart | Top – New Look via ASOS | Skirt – Misguided | Necklace – ASOS
Earrings – ASOS | Shoes – Lipsy via ASOS


This was my first time ordering from Misguided, and I certainly will again. 2 items, plus shipping, set me back $24 & took just under 2 weeks to arrive. Though I do know one of my readers ordered after me, and got her shipment around 4 days before mine! I don’t mind waiting, and it only costs $5 if you want to upgrade to express shipping.


  • Goodness me, this is you when you’re SICK?! Hot DAMN! You look absolutely flawless Nat, and I *love* that skirt!

  • Louise P

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling very well right now. I hope the doctor gets to the bottom of it and that you’re feeling better really soon. You still look amazing in these photos! I wish I looked this good when I’m feeling ill! I’m super pale, too, I think we’ve probably gone the same skin tone. xx

  • Nessbow

    Those earrings are absolutely gorgeous. I hope you’re feeling well soon sweet pea.

  • I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so low. Have the doctors investigated Meniere’s Disease? My fellow blogger Mookie has it and it causes her to sleep for huge long periods too, plus gives her bad headaches. Whatever the cause, I hope they can help you with it soon. <3

  • Nope, I’ll look into it. Literally, the doctor was like ‘its just a migraine’ and gave me some pain killers to take. So i’ve started writing down my symptoms & keeping a timeline & i’m going to go see another doctor.

  • Thank you! I do too.

  • I’m writing down all my symptoms & keeping a timeline of things and i’m going to go see another doctor. The one I saw just seemed so dis-interested, and I’d rather find a cause of something, then to ‘just take pain killers’. The day I took these photos was a day I was feeling pretty normal 😛

  • Ahaha, well, I was feeling better then I had the days previously 😛

  • Ohh, and the main thing that IS mucking up is my ear! Hmm, this is interesting!

  • That’s a brilliant idea and I hope you get some proper investigation soon. I hate lazy doctors! :/

  • Hope you’re feeling better and you figure out whatever is wrong with you! xxxx
    That skirt is lovely and you wear it well! 😀