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Real life takes hold

Is it weird that I feel strange having only updated once in the past week. Oh well, sorry! Sometimes I get caught up in real life.

Last night we had a, guess you could say ‘family night’. Adam’s parents, as well as Adam’s nephew came over, armed with a big box of KFC for dinner before we all went out to the movies. We saw ‘The A-Team’. The movie was better then I expected. It was a really nice evening.

June & July is always busy here. There are around 8 birthday’s on Adam’s side of the family (including mine) to celebrate. It’s been quiet this year, I guess we have no ‘major’ birthdays.

This coming weekend, I’ll be flying to Melbourne to work the Vampire Diaries convention. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends again, not to mention my niece Sharn will be there. Can’t wait to give her massive hugs! It’s strange, because I no longer seem to get nervous any more regarding conventions, and I’m more excited these days to see my friends, then the actors. Mind you, i’m sure I’ll have a moment pause to bask in the prettiness of the Salvatore brothers.

I get back Monday, which is actually Adam & My 5 year anniversary. Yep, 5 years. In many way’s, it doesn’t seem like 5 years, in others it seems like we’ve been together forever.

The next weekend I get to see my parents! My parents LOVE to travel, they have a motor home & whenever Dad has some time between work they pack up and travel. This time they’ve headed down Broken Hill, we are going to drive the extra 400 or so kilometers and meet them for the day. Taking the dogs with us (hopefully)!

Not to mention around all this time, it’ll be a year since Adam & I moved into this house! It’s our first time renting, our first time living away from ‘home’. We love it. So much so, I don’t think I could move back in with either of our parentals. I love them, but oh the glory of your own home! We’ve been extremely lucky!

Me, in what would soon be our bedroom!