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    Answer this – Have you ever broken a bone?

     Nope!! Well, it depends on your definition of break. I’ve never had a clean broken bone, i’ve only ever fractured them. I’ve always been super clumsy, and also had a weak ankle. So much so, that growing up I’ve owned 2 pairs of crutches! After having to hire them a few times when I sprained my ankle, my parents ended up just buying a pair. Then as I grew older & taller, they had to do it again with a taller pair. I hated crutches, they were so painful under my arms. I lived in a tri-level house, so I ended up being a pro going up and down stairs…

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    OOTD & Happy Easter

    Yesterday, I finally had the chance to go to the cinemas and see ‘The Hunger Games’. I really enjoyed the film and from what I can remember (I read the books over a year ago) it stuck pretty closely to the books. I didn’t wear the sunglasses out, it was just so bright trying to take outfit photos, I threw them on. I don’t actually own any good sunglasses, they are on the list of things to save up for, as I really do need to invest in a good pair of prescription sunnies. These make me look like a fly! My parents dog Emily decided to join me for…

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    I’ve opened up this window 3 times in the past 24 hours to write something, but have deleted anything i’ve written. It’s just one of those days. So here, have some instagram pics.

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    OOTD – Comfort

    Today Frodo seems to be much more himself, so much so, I even got the chance to duck outside quickly to take some outfit pictures without him crying. Of course, he’s now curled up on my lap, but he’s certainly making progress. Between my boot & having to carry Frodo around, my clothing has been all about comfort, not to mention, it’s been rather hot here the past couple of days. I do not understand what’s up with the weather as of late. You can’t see it, but i’ve added some iridescent tinsel to the sides of the boot. These creepers, I picked up on sale from Rubi Shoes, are the closest things…

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    OOTD – 5 minute fashion.

    I’m a fan of dresses that you just throw on and ta-da, you are ready. Sure, it sometimes feels like cheating, not having to ‘put together’ an outfit, but some days, you just need to have an item of clothing you can put on in a rush and know that you look presentable. This is my current go to dress & can you believe I picked it up on sale for $10! I usually wear it with a belt, but yesterday I paired it with a think pink ribbon. Now I look at the pictures, I think I like wearing it with a belt better, but hey, we live and…