Answer this – Have you ever broken a bone?


 Nope!! Well, it depends on your definition of break. I’ve never had a clean broken bone, i’ve only ever fractured them. I’ve always been super clumsy, and also had a weak ankle. So much so, that growing up I’ve owned 2 pairs of crutches! After having to hire them a few times when I sprained my ankle, my parents ended up just buying a pair. Then as I grew older & taller, they had to do it again with a taller pair. I hated crutches, they were so painful under my arms. I lived in a tri-level house, so I ended up being a pro going up and down stairs on my knees/butt. I also went to primary and high school on them a few times.


The main damage I’d ever done was when I feel down the stairs of my room. Only 5 stairs, but I ended up with a fractured foot, a sprained ankle (on the other foot!) and a fracture in my wrist. I ended up in this huge moonboot for many weeks. I was thankful it wasn’t a cast, but it was still pretty uncomfortable/annoying!


 So, have you broken any bones? If so, how’d it happen?
If not, did you secretly want to as a kid to get a cast for everyone to sign?