OOTD & Happy Easter

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to go to the cinemas and see ‘The Hunger Games’. I really enjoyed the film and from what I can remember (I read the books over a year ago) it stuck pretty closely to the books. I didn’t wear the sunglasses out, it was just so bright trying to take outfit photos, I threw them on. I don’t actually own any good sunglasses, they are on the list of things to save up for, as I really do need to invest in a good pair of prescription sunnies. These make me look like a fly!

My parents dog Emily decided to join me for a few of the photos. She’s such a gorgeous dog. She’s a rescue and still rather timid, but it’s amazing to see how far she’s come since when I first met her. She’s become my best friend and likes to follow me around.

I think this outfit was a little inspired by Easter pastels and Effie Trinket. For some reason this dress reminds me of an old nurses uniform. The faux pearls i’m wearing I picked up at a recent trip to Katoomba, I fell in love with the pale blue colour of them.

I love these flatforms, I picked them up after seeing Phebe in them, however, I find them somewhat uncomfortable. I think the problem is that I’m kind of between the sizes, I have them in a 7 & an 8 and neither fit quite right! The 7 will be going on ebay soon, as I feel the 8 are a bit of a better fit.

I’m pretty un-coordinated on the best of days, add to it the boot & suddently trying to take outfit photos on the edge of the pool becomes an extreme sport. I’ve yet to fall in, but I promise to try and capture it on film if I do, just for laughs!

  • DRESS – ASOS Curve
  • CARDIGAN – City Chic
  • BELT – Big W
  • NECKLACE – Vintage store in Katoomba
  • SOCKS – Random $2 shop

I don’t celebrate Easter, but for those of you who do, I hope you have a great day!