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Plaster casts and flying cats!

December 6, 2015


So, to follow up on my previous post, as you can see, i’m currently in plaster! Last Wednesday I hobbled into my parents local Doctors, and as soon as she pulled out the scan she exclaimed “That’s fractured”. What? I mean, the Doctor on Monday DID say she wasn’t the best at reading x-rays and she couldn’t see a break, which was why she was sending it off to a proper dude, but for this Doctor to glance at a PRINTED out version (not the normal see through scan thingy) and pick it out straight away. Guh! I really wasn’t expecting that.

I had to go to the Emergency department at Napean Hospital (which I’d never been too, but was really pleased with!) and wait to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Because it was a displaced fracture, I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything because they weren’t sure if I’d need surgery. I was sent off for fresh x-rays and able to lay down for a bit while they decided on what had to be done.


Whilst I was waiting I heard the Doctor and Surgeon talking about putting a patient in plaster and I though “oh that poor person”. I’d only told Kylie on the weekend how when I was younger I’d always wanted plaster but now I’m older I know better and couldn’t think of anything worse. Well, I soon found out they were talking about ME!

So, I have plaster from my toe to my knee, for a week. I have to go back Wednesday for more x-rays to see how everything is processing and for them to re-assess if I will need surgery. If I don’t, I think i’ll be put back in a cast, which means I won’t be going home anytime soon.


To make matters worse, on the way home I fainted and had the worst anxiety attack i’ve ever had. I actually told my Dad to turn the car around and take me back to the hospital because I thought I was dying. I manged to pull through it and get myself together before reaching the hospital but it was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. I scared the bejesus out of my Dad too.

So what was going to be a 2 week Sydney visit has become a much longer one, and in fact, I’ve had to organise to fly Tonka up here to be with me. Yep, this is one very lucky cat. It’s costing me $395 to get him here (basically one weeks pay for me), but him being here will be better for him and also my state of mind. It also means I’m spending Christmas in Sydney with my family! Again, not at all what I had planned, but I feel fortunate that at least I’m at my parents house and they are looking after me.


Oh & in regards to the shopping center, they contacted Mum a couple of times, and gave her information on how to make medical claims, but from what I understand they are saying “well, it’s not really our fault”, so yeah.

I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, being stuck in bed isn’t fun and all I want is to scratch my ankle and to be able to wash my hair!

Anyone have any tips or tricks on doing ANYTHING with a leg cast on? There has to be some easier way to shower!

  • Louise P

    Oh, Natalie! You poor thing! I’m sorry it turned out to be a fracture. I hope you’re not in too much pain? I bet this is the last thing you need coming up to Christmas, and I hope you won’t need to have surgery to fix it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’ve never broken a leg, but when I broke my wrist I was in plaster for 7 weeks, so you could end up in plaster for a while. I had to cover my cast with a plastic bag and elastic bands for showering, which mostly worked, but I guess

  • Bri

    You should get legal advice. Over 25 years ago my mum slipped over in a shopping complex. There was a squashed hot chip on the ground. She hurt her hip and leg. She got a nice pay out from them as it was their fault they hadn’t kept the environment safe for her. Definitely worth seeing a lawyer.

  • All of this sucks so bad. Any news on getting it removed yet? (The plaster, not the foot.)

    I also have anxiety and its horrid. I hate it and wish it would just go play in a microwave along with my depression, PCOS, and PTSD. All 4 of them can just get fucked.

    A cousin of mine was once in a horrid wreck and most of her right side was in a cast. She would use a butter knife to scratch down the casts and would wrap the casts in plastic with tape around the tops to keep the water out so she could bathe. I’d think that, since its just the one leg and below the knee, that you could sit in the tub with your leg out? You may have to swivel around to where your head’s under the spigot for your leg to be able to prop up or hang over, but is it a possibility? Just be sure to put a towel around the top of the cast when you stand up out of the bath so that the water from the rest of you doesn’t run down it.

  • Yeah, I think we might, just need to talk to my parents, it’s also just a crazy time of year. According to the info the shopping center sent us, we have 3 years to put in a claim.

  • I got it off last Wednesday and it’s in one of those big moon boots, which is easier cause I can take it off to shower in. I managed to have one proper shower with the cast on, Dad went out and got a proper cast cover which looked like a giant condom for my leg 😛
    I have had anxiety for a loooong time, but this was the worst attack I remember. I’ve never fainted during one and that made it even worse. Sadly, I went out today and I found I was anxious just being out cause I was scared I was going to hurt myself 🙁

  • Thank you <3 It's been a crazy few weeks, that's for sure. I've suffered anxiety attacks before, but nothing to this severity, the last that even came close would have been over 10 years ago. We have 3 years to put in a claim to the Shopping Center, so who knows, it's just such a hectic time of year, and my parents were expecting to have a quiet Christmas, but now I'm here, my partner is flying in Christmas eve, and my Sister & nephew are coming Christmas day too now. Not to mention my brother and 2 of his kids will probably visit, so it's a last minute dash to get Xmas stuff, whilst Mum has to help feed me as I can't cook for myself 😛
    I managed to have one proper shower with the cast on, Mum set up a chair in the shower for me, and Dad went and got a proper cast cover, which basically looked like a giant leg condom. Mum had to help me in and that, but it was sooo worth it. Now I have the moon boot on it's a lot easier as I can take it off to shower in.
    Breaking a wrist sounds painful! My foot hurts, but I think i'd be more likely to try and move my arm then my foot.

  • You will get comfortable again soon, I’m sure. 🙂 At least you can scratch your leg and shower now!

    You should have taken photos of the leg-condom.