Plaster casts and flying cats!


So, to follow up on my previous post, as you can see, i’m currently in plaster! Last Wednesday I hobbled into my parents local Doctors, and as soon as she pulled out the scan she exclaimed “That’s fractured”. What? I mean, the Doctor on Monday DID say she wasn’t the best at reading x-rays and she couldn’t see a break, which was why she was sending it off to a proper dude, but for this Doctor to glance at a PRINTED out version (not the normal see through scan thingy) and pick it out straight away. Guh! I really wasn’t expecting that.

I had to go to the Emergency department at Napean Hospital (which I’d never been too, but was really pleased with!) and wait to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Because it was a displaced fracture, I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything because they weren’t sure if I’d need surgery. I was sent off for fresh x-rays and able to lay down for a bit while they decided on what had to be done.


Whilst I was waiting I heard the Doctor and Surgeon talking about putting a patient in plaster and I though “oh that poor person”. I’d only told Kylie on the weekend how when I was younger I’d always wanted plaster but now I’m older I know better and couldn’t think of anything worse. Well, I soon found out they were talking about ME!

So, I have plaster from my toe to my knee, for a week. I have to go back Wednesday for more x-rays to see how everything is processing and for them to re-assess if I will need surgery. If I don’t, I think i’ll be put back in a cast, which means I won’t be going home anytime soon.


To make matters worse, on the way home I fainted and had the worst anxiety attack i’ve ever had. I actually told my Dad to turn the car around and take me back to the hospital because I thought I was dying. I manged to pull through it and get myself together before reaching the hospital but it was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. I scared the bejesus out of my Dad too.

So what was going to be a 2 week Sydney visit has become a much longer one, and in fact, I’ve had to organise to fly Tonka up here to be with me. Yep, this is one very lucky cat. It’s costing me $395 to get him here (basically one weeks pay for me), but him being here will be better for him and also my state of mind. It also means I’m spending Christmas in Sydney with my family! Again, not at all what I had planned, but I feel fortunate that at least I’m at my parents house and they are looking after me.


Oh & in regards to the shopping center, they contacted Mum a couple of times, and gave her information on how to make medical claims, but from what I understand they are saying “well, it’s not really our fault”, so yeah.

I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, being stuck in bed isn’t fun and all I want is to scratch my ankle and to be able to wash my hair!

Anyone have any tips or tricks on doing ANYTHING with a leg cast on? There has to be some easier way to shower!