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How I jinxed myself into injury!

December 1, 2015


Hi, my name is Natalie and I’ve always been a little accident prone and very clumsy. I’d been doing good on the clumsy-ness lately though, really, I was. Well, apart from a month or so ago when I really hurt my toe, but anyway. On the weekend, I caught up with one of my longest friends Kylie. We headed up to Leura for a delicious vegan lunch at Rubyfruit.


Kylie and I grew up across the road from each other and would often out-do each other in our clumsy-ness & on the drive up, I mentioned how I felt that I’d grown out of said clumsy-ness. Well, I think in that moments some trickster God was listening and decided to prove me wrong.

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I went out shopping yesterday, and on my way out of Myers, I slipped and fell. I don’t remember what happened exactly, but one minute I was walking, the next I was sliding, and then bam, I was on the ground and in a world of pain. My parents were on the level below me, so I pulled out my phone, all the while crying my eyes out. This lovely couple, who couldn’t speak much English rushed over to my rescue. They got me tissues and the man went and got a seat and somehow managed to get me up and into it, whilst another man went and alerted the center.

Now that I think about it, I must have looked a right mess, but I didn’t care, cause PAIN! Security came, cleaners came (I slipped on some sort of sticky substance, it was kind of like a slushie had been spilt and dried a little making it really tacky). At one point there must have been around 6 people all around me. I didn’t know you could actually skin yourself on tiles, but I scuffed up my knee a tiny bit, but the main pain was in my foot.


I had ice applied to my foot, transferred to a wheel chair and taken off to the medical center to get my stats done, see a doctor and get an x-ray. Nothing appeared broken, but it was sent off to a specialist to see if he could see anything (small fractures etc) which I’ll find out hopefully tomorrow.

I was supposed to fly back to Melbourne tomorrow, but have to postpone my flight a couple of days (For the first time this year I decided to fly Jet Star instead of Tiger, so hopefully I don’t have to pay TOO MUCH to reschedule). Can you even take crutches into an airport or on a flight?

So now, I’m in Sydney, in my old room, in my Grandmother’s old bed, still in a world of pain. I didn’t get much sleep last night because my whole body was throbbing. Seriously, my foot, my knee, my wrist, my left butt cheek, my back. Yeah, i’m feeling pretty sorry for myself and very whiny.

So if you can take a minute to comment and let me know –

1 – Rec me any movie, book, article, blog / something to do to pass the time.
2 – What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? Are you as clumsy as me?
3 – Did you buy anything in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales?

  • willowstreet

    Hey Nat, sorry to hear about your fall! Hope you’re feeling better soon! My movie recommendation would be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Earlier this year I managed to break my tailbone ice skating at that skating rink they set up next to the Yarra, it’s been about 6 months and it still hurts some times! I didn’t get anything in the sales because I’m saving my money for a puppy! Did you pick up anything? Being in bed is the perfect time to shop online!!! Get well soon! X

  • Oh NO!! I can feel the pain in my foot just looking at your injury. ARGH Heal up quickly hun!!

  • Louise P

    Oh no! You poor thing. It sounds and looks so painful. Fingers crossed you haven’t fractured or torn anything, and you can go home soon. I’m sure you’d be able to take crutches on to a plane. There must be a law for it, with so many people who use them, right?

    When I was 22 or 23, I fractured my hand at work. I got my foot caught without realising it until it was too late, went to walk away, and fell flat on my face (like I was planking). My jaw actually hit the ground, and long story short, I ended up with my arm in plaster for 7 weeks. I was mortified! xx

  • In the US, you would have your medical care covered by the establishment since it was their fault their floor was messy, is that how it is there? I hope so, I’d hate to think you were out-of-pocket over something so careless of them.

    1- Houdini on Netflix! Caught it yesterday and really loved it. Also, my first youtube video? XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JE7UqgD91U

    2- I’m also terribly accident prone, so I think it’s a tie between these 3 – First was my left arm when I was about 9 or 10 – I was playing on some of those big 50 gallon construction barrels with a friend and my arm slipped between as we were rolling on them and got crushed between them and fractured. Second, I was 15 and got hit in the nose with a hockey puck. I have a very small bump on the bridge from it…before that, it was arrow-straight. Third, I fell down a steep hill. In the woods. In platforms. I saw a gun leaning against a tree near the road where I lived and went hiking up there in heels and a dress to get it. Turned out to be a working antique bb gun!

    3 – Nope. I went for the 11/11 sales, so I was broke for the Black Friday ones. Its okay, my 11/11 stuff was better deals than I saw for Black Friday. 🙂

  • Big hugs lovely. I hope you feel better really soon. Oh my days, I am one clumsy person. I have a long litany of falls, sprains etc, but the worst thing was probably when I was cleaning aircraft at an airport and collided with an engineer in a galley of a 747. It had just come back from a refit and the engineers had failed to file off several inches of a bolt which held a hostess seat in place. I fell onto this bolt and it went into my knee. Cue lots of blood and pain, NHS cock ups, promises of an exploratory operation which they reneged on etc etc and long story short one leg is well over an inch shorter than the other, I sometimes limp and it throws my back out a guaranteed twice a year. Aren’t you glad you asked, lolololol?!

    I bought a Society+ tutu and a Witch Worldwide oversized tee in Black Friday. xx

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  • Flip! I hope you’re feeling better. That suck so much. I’m lucky that I’ve never had too many bad injuries. Just mainly ones when I was younger and being a kid. My mother had a bad fall over some uneven tiles not long ago and I know the damage that can be done when something like that happens! It’s very annoying and stressful. I don’t have many recommendations because I’m terrible at them but I’m currently reading The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and overall they’re fantastic. I’m re-watching Rick and Morty which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already. It’s hilarious and so bizarre! 😀 As for blogs well I’ve just “saved” a good few on my bloglovin which you can view here and read if you like! https://www.bloglovin.com/people/aishlingoneill-629665

    I wish you a speedy recovery! <3

    Oh and I bought some sugarpill and limecrime (I know, I know, with all the controversy and everything but meh it was cheap haha!) stuff in the sales! Waiting on them to arrive now! Eeee! 😀

  • I’m feeling worse! Turns out its fractured and now it’s in a cast for a week before they re-assess if it needs an operation or back into another cast! So, i’m stuck in Sydney for I don’t know how long! At least I am with my parents and Mum is being so wonderful.

    I keep meaning to read some Neil Gaiman, I’ve only read one book, I shall look into the Sandman series and off to check out your bloglovin now!

    Oh, I looked at both those sales! Didn’t buy anything from them though, the only one I did cave with was Colourpop cosmetics!

  • It sucks being a clumsy person doesn’t it!? Guh, that sounds like a doozy of an injury! My worst is my back injury, which I got from falling over on a computer chair. It was on wheels and I went to move and instead of wheeling it just tipped over to the left. I now have spinal stenosis cause of it. And I am glad I asked, because now I know I’m not the only silly duffer in the world!

    Ohh! Can’t wait to see you in them, how AMAZING are those tutus!?

  • Ehhh, I’m not exactly sure what is happening! They have been in contact and have given us info on how to make a claim, but from what Mum said they are kinda saying ‘It’s not their fault’. So we shall see. Luckily our health care is pretty great. I’ve had to go to the medical center, the doctors, the emergency department at the hospital, had 2 xrays and now have a plaster cast up to my knee and haven’t had to pay a cent.

    Oh, I shall check out Houdini! And am watching your youtube video now & have subscribed. You are so cute and I adore your hair! Haha, I’ve never heard of galactomyces either! 😛

    Ouchies! Those are some crazy injuries! I like how you saw a gun so you went hiking towards it! I’ve only ever seen guns in museums or in police officer holsters 😛

  • I don’t know, I’m not sure i’ve paid enough attention to many others with crutches at airports, but the doctors at the hospital don’t want me flying yet cause it is fractured and now in a plaster cast. I’m not sure how that would go on the plane in case of swelling or that 🙁 So now I have no idea when I can get home.

    Ouchies! That sounds like it would HURT! I hope I don’t have to be in plaster too long, 7 weeks sounds like hell! Mine is on for a week then more xrays to see if it needs an op, and if it doesn’t, I have a feeling it will be back in plaster. 🙁

  • Thank you! I hope I do, I just have my fingers crossed right now that I don’t need an operation! That would be not fun!

  • Oh! I haven’t seen Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind in yeaaaaars! I shall get onto watching that! Thanks for the rec.
    OUCH! My friend Kylie, who I talked about in this post actually fractured her tailbone when we were rollerblading when we were younger, it looked so painful!
    Ohhh! PUPPY! I so wish I could get one, it’s been 2 years I’ve been living without a dog, which is the longest I’ve EVER gone. Do you know what breed you’re going for?
    I was tight on funds, but I did cave and pick some stuff up from Colourpop!!

  • In Australia we get free (well we pay for it at tax time 1 or 2%) medical care. Like canada really.

  • Hoping only a week! You shoud be ok for flying after the tests as they will have a better idea if not, we have a train hun.. The xpt leaves twice a day and my husband drives it out of Junee. xooxox

  • Poor you.

    First up, you’re not clumsy. The floor shouldn’t have been in that state and Myer are liable for your injury. I’d contact them about it.

    Also, get in touch with Jetstar. You should be able to fly with crutches and they have been brilliant with my sister because she has a walking stick, giving her a row to herself. They should also be able to organise a wheelchair or car to get you to the plane so you aren’t walking miles through the airport.

    Did you pay for your flight by credit card because you might also have some kind of insurance cover with that for expenses.

  • That’s bizarre, here they will usually try to pay you off to settle out of court. I only know because my grandmother has fallen in a grocery store 3 times once broke a hip, once an ankle, and once her wrist. It is lovely you guys have health care there. If you get a cold in America and don’t have insurance its like “welp, hope it doesn’t turn into pneumonia and kill me.”

    I am actually going to do a video on galactomyces because I had to look them up after I filmed that! Its on the agenda for today, along with filming another unboxing, provided the post office cooperates and delivers my already-overdue box.

    LOL, guns are everywhere here. My hubs actually collects antique military guns, so if I ever film in the living room, chances are you will see them hanging on the wall.