Outfit – F*ck Flattering!


It’s been ages since I’ve pulled this top out to wear, it’s a favourite of mine, but one I really have to be in the mood to wear. While I have learnt to love my body, it still takes courage and the right state of mind to rock body con outfits,or anything you’re not suppose to wear whilst fat. I love to wear stripes and show off my VBO, but when you go out, and other people comment, or fat shame you, it can really mess with your head.


I’m lucky that I don’t get too much hate, too many negative comments (online or in real life), I think my confidence helps, which honestly, I am sometimes faking. I’m looking forward to some more warmer days so I can wear more crop tops and short skirts, even with some bike shorts underneath to help the chub rub. I need to remember I can wear whatever I want!


I know I need to stop caring so much what other people think. I like pushing the boundaries of fashion, I like being a little different, it’s not that I like to stand out, because I really don’t, but I feel better when I can express myself in my clothing. I am not a black over sized muumuu, I am bright and colourful.


Top – Gisela Ramirez || Skirt – Harlow || Shoes – ??? || Brooch (in hair) – Erstwilder


What is one thing you’d love to wear, but are a bit scared to?